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Christmas Countdown


Not a day goes by that the approaching holidays can be ignored or forgotten. “Only x days until Christmas!”, newscasters cheerfully chirp every night, as this stationary date is clearly more important and exciting than any breaking news. Even driving down the highway, those fancy electronic billboards scroll past screens wishing us a happy holiday, right before turning back to some ad for a multipurpose nose/ear/facial hair trimmer (the perfect gift?) It’s absolutely impossible to escape these reminders, and with every last mention of the holidays, I can feel the pressure mounting. Only so much time left to make gifts, figure out desserts for the family feasts, and most importantly, post recipes for all of you to have time to make yourselves!

Trying to get my priorities straight and taking one step at a time, I figured that the best plan of action was to start at the beginning: Put up the decorations, get into the “holiday spirit,” and then take it from there.

In a matter of minutes, my sparkly one foot tall plastic tree was assembled and decked out with the standard blue bobbles, and it was starting to feel a lot more like Christmas indeed. Standing back to admire my handy work, something caught my eye at the base of the tree…

Impossibly fast, a pair of tiny elves had already spotted my festive shrubbery and descended upon it, installing perfectly wrapped gifts in mass amounts. Do they have Christmas tree radar or something?! Of all creatures that might be feeling some pressure about the looming celebration, they certainly weren’t letting it show. On top of their game, they simply buzzed around like pollen-hungry bees until the job was done, knowing that there would be much more work to do before the day was over. If only I could bottle that enthusiasm and efficiency, I might be able to complete my to-do list in time!

Even this tiny guy, no bigger than my thumb, could pull my weight and then some when it comes to this holiday business. Instead of stewing over it though, I had better get back to work…!

[Knit elf pattern from Mochi Mochi Land]


Author: Hannah (BitterSweet)

Author of My Sweet Vegan, Vegan Desserts, Vegan a la Mode, and Easy as Vegan Pie.

22 thoughts on “Christmas Countdown

  1. Such adorable little Christmas elves :-D

    There’s snow falling on your blog… either that, or I’m insane.


  2. Adorable! And I love your little tree, too! :)


  3. Ahh, I see snow falling!!! Crazy-ness!
    Aww, those christmas elves are adorable! I wish I could knit =P


  4. I can’t believe how you wrapped all those teeny little boxes! Adorable. Love the elf!


  5. are they jewish chrismas elves?
    its snowing on your page.
    why are you so cute.


  6. You are too adorable..I love it :)

    I totally feel like Christmas is sneaking up on me, I can’t believe how close it is and how much I still have to do!


  7. Ahh! That little elf is tres adorable!


  8. how cute!!!


  9. I LOVE MochiMochi Land! Her patterns are way too cute. I’ve never seen the elf one though. I gotta check that out.


  10. In The Netherlands we’ve just started getting into the Christmas mood. We celebrated something called Sinterklaas (Dutch Santa) last Friday so now’s the time to prepare for Christmas. I’m pretty far with my Christmas menu and gifts. Only need to make the planning to make everything (which is a lot!)
    Cute elfs!
    Good luck with your preparations!

    Ps love the snow :)


  11. Hooray! Your elves are so adorable. They might just have to pop up on my blog too!


  12. i love your tree! isn’t it fun how just setting up the xmas tree helps to put you in the holiday mood? i was totally bah humbug before mine went up. now i’m excited! your little elves are adorable and i just can’t get over how much i like this snow falling on your blog. and the fact that it piles up at the bottom of the screen. awesome!


  13. look at those elves! do you think that they can help you with your baking, too? : )


  14. Oh my, SO much cuteness!


  15. How cute! and it’s snowing on your blog! that’s so cool!!! :-)


  16. Ooo I like your tree! And what adorable little elves.

    Good luck with your to-do list. =)


  17. It’s snowing! Puts me in the festive mood already.

    The elves are so cute!


  18. What a cute little elf!


  19. Very nicely knitted!! The colors are well chosen too. The “blue bobbles” remind me of blueberries! ^^


  20. The little elves are adorable!!


  21. You are so good at decorating those things! It looks like it could be a cover for a christmas magazine!


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