Safety First

Little is ever thrown out in this household, and as you might expect, most of us here have tendencies towards hoarding and collecting. For me, I can’t bear to let go of even the smallest scraps of yarn or fabric, because you never know what sort of projects they may prove to be useful in. Frogs figurines seem to strike my mom’s fancy, and have taken over an entire cabinet in the family room. These collections are more or less normal, if you ask me, but my sister’s attraction is much more inexplicable. For reasons unknown to me (and perhaps her as well,) she feels compelled to accumulate traffic cones.

Rescuing those that are forgotten, run over and caked with dirt on quiet streets, as well as picking up new pylons at dollar stores or Home Depo, that’s just what she enjoys stockpiling. It has nothing to do with their purpose or symbolism, so why she would be so drawn to these florescent orange cones, or why they must all be named “Toby,” I have no idea.

Seriously, who knew there were so many different types of safety cones? Big and small, striped and plain, reflective and dull, there must be more cones then there are days in a year. With a vast array like that, it’s hard to imagine where this collection might be stored if it should continue to grow!

At the very least, it’s easy to know what would make a good gift for this sister of mine… And my contribution won’t take up nearly as much space as a full-sized road block.

I have to admit- When something as mundane as a safety cone can be this adorable, I can almost see why someone would want to amass as many as possible!

37 thoughts on “Safety First

  1. So cute.

    Traffic cones are a bit weird, but I have to respect a unique collection. Especially one that tends to be orange… my favorite color. And Toby is a pretty awesome name.

    My mom collects roosters, and I collect rubber duckies. The boy is pretty fond of robots, but we don’t have too many yet.

  2. I feel like this post is for me! Safety first indeed! That being said, Guppy’s helmet saved her little head! Thanks for the love concerning my foot :)
    This is really adorable.

  3. Aww tha is a super cute mini cone, hehe
    MKay, question: do you have any tips for taking pictures of chocolate covered things? Mine always end up terrible looking and never do the food justice!

  4. I think you made an excellent artistic revision of the safety cone pattern. I didn’t think anything besides babies were cute when stubby, but your safety cone has proven me wrong. I worry though…I don’t know how good it will be at enforcing safety when everyone would clearly be distracted by its adorable-ness.

  5. oh my goodness. that is the cutest thing ever!!! i remember my best friend and i stole an orange cone. i have no clue what we did with it though haha

  6. The traffic cone sat in front of my computer screen while I read this, so he got to read it, too! He still smiles happily on my printer most of the time. Such a cute little Toby! Thank you again for him!!

  7. THis made me laugh… I work for a seriously safety conscious company … I should make one of those myself and have it on my desk! (first I just need to learn how… I’m taking an amigurumi class in two weeks!)

  8. Hiya! I got your book -yay! My first project from your book was black bottom blondies… and OMG! Such pleasure! I decided on the spot they were to be my latest addiction, or at least strong favourite that I crave for! Then I made the butterscotch blondie, and it was delicious, but it gave me a strange aftertaste on my tongue. Also, water tasted salty and strange for hours. I had to stop eating them. Was it the baking powder that did this?

    Take a look at this picture I found on the internet of chocolate shell cups. Thought u could gain some inspiration to your already loaded brain!

    I felt an instant connection to you ever since I heard your interview on vegan radio, then checked out your blog and now the book! I feel inspired by your productivity. Your making of recipes reminds me of making of songs.

    I live in central Australia in the desert. There is a huge flood right now. The normally dry riverbed is in full flow! It’s rare and very exciting! Everything smells like the Earth and so fresh.

    Warmth and kindness,

    Desert Girl

  9. So cute. I used to play on a hockey team called the orange cones. If you are a lousy hockey player you are said to be a safety cone (since you stand still and everyone can skate around you!).

  10. Again I am segued back to Ms Hannah and this time its amigurumi rather than foodurumi! We seem destined to keep meeting like this Ms Hannah ;)

    1. Ah, what a twisted web we weave… Perhaps it’s just a trick of your browser, trying to make up for my lack of new posts. Ha, that’s a comforting thought for me, at least! ;)

      1. I really do need to make time to search your site better. You have SO much amazing stuff! I have just taken up amigurumi and love it and when I saw “Bittersweet” on a Pinterest pin I was intrigued. I didn’t know that you crocheted? See…the internet is a great spreader of the love, especially Pinterest…LOVE Pinterest :)

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