Frosted to the Nines

While some people may go crazy for cupcakes, I can’t help but be drawn to layer cakes instead. A marvel of both architecture and artistry, they allow for so much creativity; even amateur attempts are often more impressive than a handful of sloppily frosted cupcakes. I’ve written about my love of these colossal confections before, but now, you can see me demonstrate my favorite ways of assembling, icing, and serving these desserts. That’s right, coming up on November 1st in Boston, I’ll be demonstrating how to decorate layer cakes at this year’s VegFest. I’ll be there to sign copies of my cookbook, My Sweet Vegan, and perhaps sell some felt sweets all day, and then if you can stand to listen to me babble for 50 minutes while I smear some frosting on a cake, you get to eat a slice of it, too! Sound like a good deal? Good, I’ll see you there!

38 thoughts on “Frosted to the Nines

  1. I’m with you – I LOVE layer cakes! I think they’re so fun to make, too, once you get the hang of layering. I wish I could be at VegFest – sounds like an awesome time!

  2. Oh, wish I could be in Boston for this! I know you will be GREAT and do a fabulous job. Would love to hear you speak for more than 50 minutes given the chance! :) I love layer cakes, too (better than cupcakes–so much more frosting to enjoy!) ;)

  3. That looks fantastic! TGH and I are going to try and make the Veg Fest again (depending on weather that day). I was going to email you but am in a rush. It was so funny though that you will be doing this demo as I have started taking cake decorating classes a couple of weeks ago. So, of course, I would love to learn anything I could from you! :) If you know the times you will be demo-ing, please let me know! Hugs to you!

  4. what fun! I wish I could be there. I must say, I am 99% in the layer cake camp. Only my big toe is in the cupcake camp. Cakes are fun and impressive and beautiful…

    you oughta come out to california, hannah!

  5. Hi Hannah, I will be there!!!!! It’s been on my calender since I found out about it! Where exactly are you going to be set up? What time is the food demo? I can’t wait! : )

  6. I have always felt that a layer cake is way more impressive looking than cupcakes. A lot harder, too, but I really enjoy the process.

  7. VegFest sounds fun – good luck with your demo! I prefer the frosting to cake ratio of layer cakes, personally. With cupcakes, I always end up eating the bottom half of the cake part first to get the right proportion of the two. ;-)

  8. I wish I could come! VegFest sounds like so much fun :o
    I love layer cakes but they always seemed far too difficult for me to do ^^”

  9. I agree with you, layere cakes are gorgeous. But honestly…I’ve never seen any as gorgeous as yours. Seriously. My favorite was the one with the musical note on top, that was breathtaking. =)

  10. I am such a sucker for layer cakes…I think it’s because of my unhealthy love of frosting! You’re going to rock the house, woman! Boston will never be the same (er, in a good way…)

  11. Mmmm what a gorgeous cake. I prefer layered cakes to cupcakes too. Have fun teaching people how to make awesome cakes like you. =)

  12. Your right about layer cake, a sloppy layer cake looks way more impressive than a sloppily iced cupcake…not that your cake is sloppy ;)
    Pity I’m not in Boston the 1st…

  13. i’m totally with you on this!

    i mean, i will make you a delicious cupcake, but they are NOTHING like a layer cake. It is the perfect balance of cake and frosting, or cake and filling and frosting. i never take pictures of the insides of my cakes…because they are always for other people! kind of sad.

    i love this photo though. your cake looks delicious!

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