Swept Away

Paying rapt attention to all things in the kitchen often means ignoring most things outside of it.  Sad but true, this limited focus creates an almost comical imbalance when it comes to keeping up with housework.  The pile of dirty laundry may be threatening to takeover the bathroom and I haven’t seen my bedroom floor in ages, but… Look, I baked seven cakes today!  Doesn’t that make up for it?

Alas, my parents don’t quite see eye-to-eye with this exchange rate, and so for their sake at least, I do try to turn off the oven every now and then to shift my one-track focus to these chores.  Considering how few times anything gets dusted or swept, I thought it might be nice if I took out a broom and started tacking those dust bunnies.

Swishing the stiff straw bristles over the brick fireplace and working through the living room, I was quite shocked when I did in fact find more than just soot and dirt, but in fact, an actual dust bunny! Peeking out from beneath the old sofa, it seemed just as startled as I did, eyeing that suspicious broom with a look of terror.

As if I could even think about sweeping this little bunny away- Who knew that this level of neglect would create such an adorable problem! If only dust bunnies were always so cute, I would be sorely tempted to swear off cleaning altogether.

26 thoughts on “Swept Away

  1. Funny thing is: my dust bunnies are not this cute! I need to find the Dust Bunny Complaint Board and get them to fix that right away. :-)

  2. If my dust bunnies looked like that, I wouldn’t have to sweep, either! (Oh, wait a sec, I actually don’t sweep, anyway. . . !!) ;)

  3. I have a dust bunny sanctuary in my living room. They’re happy, I’m happy. We co-exist peacefully until about 5 minutes before company shows up!

  4. LOL! When my desire NOT to clean house sometimes gets the best of me, I jokingly tell my friends that the dust bunnies come out from under the bed and threaten to bite my ankles. In my imagination they weren’t nearly as cute as yours.

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