Bountiful Berries

33 thoughts on “Bountiful Berries

  1. Oh you evil temptress! My favorite berries and you have both golden ones and red ones! Don’t make me come over there! But if I do, you’ll share, right? ;)

  2. those look delicious! I need to run out and get some now…….and alas summer’s almost over………..

  3. wow! All wild berries?? I wish raspberries grew wild here – I did manage to do some foraging this year, and have ended up with quite a few jars of blackberry jam! Nothing like turning a lot of free fruit/veg into something cool!

  4. Those berries look so plump and juicy, I think I would eat them all up before having a chance to bake with them!

    PS, your tattoo is way cool…

  5. I can’t imagine how much this big punnet of raspberries would cost here in the supermarket here. Looking forward to see what you gonna do with the berries.

  6. Oh my Dear!!!

    How luky you are !!!! I LOVE berries….all kind of them, and these ones are just asking to sit down and relax with a nice chitchat and pickin up them!!! ; )))

    Thanks for sharing this moment!!


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