Lazy Mornings

Still riding the last swell of the summer vacation wave, my daily routine is almost entirely the opposite of what I might have done last year. Still buzzing from caffeine, working into the long hours of the night, it takes a lot to finally close up the laptop and close my eyes. With my shift at work starting at 4:00, it’s almost reasonable to stay asleep for as long as possible, although now those times are stretching later and later into the morning, corresponding with my 3- or 4- am bed time. Waking up around 11 to an empty house, a comfortable quiet hangs in the air, as I slowly make my way into the kitchen, still clad in full pajamas for at least another hour. This may sound terribly lazy, but for the time being, this new routine seems to suit me just fine. Slowly sipping on coffee and contemplating the day’s tasks, the only thing that I might rather would be…

An appropriate lazy-day breakfast, perhaps! Of course, donuts are no longer a lazy treat, since I can’t just run out and pick up a box at the neighborhood Donking Donuts. Although it takes a bit of initiative to take on such a venture so “early” in the morning, it’s no trouble at all to whip up one or two felt donuts instead. Too bad that only satisfies the basic impulse, not so much my appetite!

What would you make for a lazy-day breakfast?