Lunchbox Bites

It’s becoming impossible to ignore the departure of summer, especially now that Labor Day has passed and most kids have begun a new year back at school. This can often mean rushed meals and lack-luster lunchbox choices, but it doesn’t have to! I myself struggled to get decent baked goods out of the oven in time to make it to my classes this past year at college, but the experience helped me to rethink my whole approach. Now, I present to you a mini e-book of one dozen tasty recipes for students on the go, parents who want to feed them, or anyone who just needs packable treats to accommodate a busy lifestyle.

Included in this paperless volume are the recipes for:

Cinnamon-Swirled Banana Sandwich Bread
Best Bran Muffins
Brownie Bites
Coffee-Buzz Energy Bars
Hummus Crackers
Peanut Butter Bomb-Shell Blondies
Peanut Butter and Jelly Toaster Tarts
Pie Cups
Root Beer Pudding
Steel-Cut Oatmeal Cookies
Strawberry Crispy Rice Treats

All with easy-to-follow instructions, and pictures for every recipe. Delivered instantly to your computer, no muss, no fuss, for only $5, you’ve got nothing to lose!

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