Sweet Musings with a Bitterly Sharp Wit

Busy Bee



Author: Hannah (BitterSweet)

Author of My Sweet Vegan, Vegan Desserts, Vegan a la Mode, and Easy as Vegan Pie.

9 thoughts on “Busy Bee

  1. After all of the problems with colony collapse disorder, it’s nice to see a bee at work. When you realize how iimportant bees are to our survival on this planet, we can’t take them for granted any more!


  2. how do you get up close shots of bees without them stinging you?
    I’m always freaked out of insects with stingers.

    also, what kind of camera do you have?


  3. I’m afraid of bees, but somehow you made it look totally gorgeous in the photograph :0)


  4. That must have been a hard shot to get. I bet you had to stay really still. Very impressive!


  5. What an amazing shot!


  6. Awesome photo! Of course, it being a Bee…I totally am in love with it!


  7. What a sweet shot : ) Look at it, working hard to make another batch of honey.


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