We interrupt your regularly scheduled blogging for this announcement:

I’m coming to Portland! The so-called “vegan mecca” of the US, there are so many reasons to be excited about busting out of my little east coast home for a week to see another corner of the country. And, if anyone in the area is so inclined, you can see me! This weekend, Sunday the 29th at noon, I’ll be at Herbivore signing books, chatting it up, and most importantly, handing out free samples of some goodies from the book!

As if that isn’t enough exciting news, you might notice a new column in the July/August issue of VegNews just hitting shelves, by yours truly. Not only was I honored by being named one of the top 21 vegan blogs of the year (although I still have trouble believing it), but I also had the incredible opportunity to see my words in print for this wonderful magazine. Did you like it? Enjoy the recipes? Have suggestions for the next one?

Since my photos didn’t make it to print for some reason, here are my pictures of what the FroYo really looks like, in all of its meltingly delicious glory:

The vanilla base, straight out of the machine.

After being frozen a bit more solid and scooped.

The chocolate variation!

So, with all of that craziness said, I hope to either see you soon, or hear about your thoughts on the article (or both)!

30 thoughts on “Happenings

  1. Hannah,
    Congratulations–on both counts! I still haven’t seen a copy of the issue (not available at all that many places here)–but can’t wait. :)

  2. Way to go Hannah, that’s awesome – those look delightfully sweet and cool…the perfect antidote to this hot sticky weather. If I were in Portland, I would definitely come visit you – have a blast! :)

  3. That’s so great, Hannah ! I’ve always wanted to go to Portland. I hope you have a fabulously time ! Can’t wait to read about it.

  4. Your photographs DEFINITELY should have been in VegNews – look at those beautiful concoctions!! Best of luck at the event, Hannah – you know I’d be there if I could.

  5. Wow, that’s a lot of good news, Hannah! Too bad you’re not coming to L.A. so I could see you. Can’t wait until my issue of VegNews arrives so I can read all about your FroYo. :)

  6. Congratulations! Both very good news.

    I did indeed try your VegNews FroYo recipe and was very pleased with the outcome; chopped up some pecans and Sweet & Sarah marshmallows for a Rocky Road variation! Wish I could come to Portland a little sooner; but being three hours away (and with gas the way it is…) I’m going to have to wait til August. Have a brilliant time in any case.

  7. Have fun in Portland!! I hope to vacation there soon.

    I really enjoyed your VegNews article. I love the fact that you included directions for making FroYo without an ice cream maker. My kitchen is way too small to buy another appliance, so I have to make due without an ice cream maker for now. I hope your articles in Veg News will become a regular thing!

    Congrats on the blog award…i can beleive it! :)

  8. I was so excited for you when I read your column in VegNews! I though it was great and I’m glad you posted pics of the ice cream.

  9. Oh, gee I ‘m going to be in Portland on the 29th of JULY. Sorry to miss you. I love your cookbook–already have my copy.

  10. Hannah, i was just in Portland last week and saw signs up for your appearance at Herbivore! I was sorry to miss you there, but happy to hear that you’re doing so well with the book.

    Also, those frozen treats look great, especially since we’re having another heatwave here in Toronto!

  11. Nice one! I’d quite like to pay homage to Portland too – it seems to be the place that all the cool vegans end up! Must be a good spot for photosynthesis or something? Have a great trip!

  12. Congratulations! I hope you have a fun time. And don’t hurt your hand signing books ^_~

    I’m planning on getting my Chinchilla book and Amigurumi pattern book published but I doubt I’ll ever be asked to do a book signing lol.

    Hugs and Kisses

  13. I wish I could come to your signing because it is goigng to be on my 18th birthday! I wish I could be there. If you ever come down in the south please tell! That would be sooo cool to have you sign your book that I look at everyday for at least half and hour!!

    I hope you have a fun time and don’t have to wear yourself out.

    I’ll make sure to check out Vegnews!


  14. Oh how exciting to go to Portland to talk about your book! :) If it was in Seattle, which is closer to me, I’d definintely go! Lucky people getting to eat your baked goods.

  15. Hi, I live in Portland and I love your cookbook! I made your Whoopie Pies for the first time recently and they turned out more like chocolate biscuits…..they never flattened out…! Just big chocolate poofs. I made a few substitutions, that could be why. Still tasted great though. I will try to stop by on Sunday – would love to tell you about this experiment in person.

  16. congratulations on everything! I wish I could go to Portland to try some of your cooking, but I’ll have to content myself with that luscious-looking fro-yo…. mmmm

  17. I can’t wait to make the fro yo! I went out & bought yoghurt for it! Have fun in Portland & whatever you do, TRY THE WAFFLE CART!! “Flavour Spot” is the name & the vegan maple butter – sausage is SO good. XO!

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