Lost at Sea

A sea of cupcakes, that is.

Ever wonder what 12 dozen mini cupcakes would look like all together?

…Something like that. Plus, there’s a double batch of crumb-topped brownies to go with all of this, not pictured. Oh, the things I’ll do for love.

Speaking of which, if you come out to the Southbury, CT Borders today at 4:00 and show me some love, I’ll give you one of these little gems. See you there!

25 thoughts on “Lost at Sea

  1. HOLY SHIZNIT!!! Look at all those cupcakes!!! Girl, I don’t know how you do it – I wish I could be at Borders to support you!! I’m there in spirit :0)

  2. That’s a whole lot of delicious cakes. Wish I lived somewhere close. Well, if wishes were horses……………..
    Enjoy your day.

  3. Wow, you have yourself an army of beautiful cupcakes! I bet there will be some very pleasantly surprised omnivores at Borders today when they taste those babies.

  4. JEBUS! that’s really a SEA of mini cupcakes!!! I wish I can be there to support you … but I believe everything will go well for you :0) …. show omni’s that vegan cupcakes are just as (if not better) than non vegan ones!!! Have a great day!!

  5. Another book signing!

    Hannah, have I mentioned that I’m very proud of you?

    And those photos… mmm, good enough to eat. I wish I could have been there.

  6. You know, I did wake up this morning thinking “Gee, I really wish I could see 144 cupcakes together in a photo…”

    Thank you for making them the most beautiful 144 cupcakes one could ask for, in a photo together. ;)

    Looks simply delish!

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