You Know You’ve Been a Bad Blogger When…

…Your own mother suggests that you should post something already. Yikes, I am just riddled with guilt over this- Has it really been almost two weeks? Final exams consumed my brain and free time, forcing me to abandon all conscious thought that didn’t involve either statistics or “logic” (Which, in case you were considering signing up for, is the worst class EVER. You would be better off sticking your head in the ground and seeing how many earth worms crawled up your nose in the course of a semester instead.) But anyway… School’s out for the summer, I’m back at home with my lovely family and kitchen, and the dust has begun to settle again. Thanks go out to all of the sweethearts who left comments and worried emails about my disappearance; I promise not to do it again!

Besides the mind-numbing studying and essay writing for my finals, the worst part of the whole ordeal was having absolutely no time for myself. It got to a point where I couldn’t even spare 30 minutes to go run down to the grocery store and pick up food, let alone cook it. I ate far more saltine crackers than I’d care to admit, and I’d be perfectly happy to never ingest another one again. In the minutes between classes, my mind would wander to getting something better to eat, and thus translated into a creative outlet- If I couldn’t have delicious food inside my fridge, I would just have to put it on the outside!

Although it didn’t do much to sooth my stomach, their smiling faces did cheer up my otherwise stressful and frustrating days. I want to share a bit of that happiness with you guys, because I can’t thank you enough for your patience and kindness. It’s a very simple craft that kids might enjoy as well, so I hope you will do likewise and share around. They’re so easy to make, even a rushed college student in the middle of finals can finish them!

First of all, download the template and print it out. Cut all of the pieces out and grab some felt.

For the apple, orange, and pear, cut 1 leaf out of light green and cut 2 of the main body out of the appropriate color of felt. Embroider a face into on one of the main pieces. Use a whip stitch to sew both pieces together, right sides out, and add just a tiny bit of stuffing in between. When you come to the top, stick in a short scrap of brown or green yarn for the stem and the leaf right next to it. Sew them in as you go around the perimeter of the shape. Tie it off, bury the knot, and use either hot glue or crazy glue to attach a magnet to the center of the back. Let dry.

For the banana, cut 2 of both the banana peel and main body. Embroider a face into one piece of the main body, and then sew to the other using a whip stitch, right sides out, with a tiny bit of stuffing in the middle. Take the peel pieces and sandwich the main body in the middle, and sew around the edges of the peel. Stitch the peel across the body where it covers it to attach, tie tightly and bury the knot. If desired, cut two tiny rectangles of brown felt and glue them to the very bottom to make a “stem.” Glue two small magnets to the back (so that it isn’t unbalanced or falls off your fridge) and let dry.