A Column of Kittens

Space is at a premium in my shoe box of a dorm room. Barely larger than your average closet, I can pretty much touch each wall without leaving my bed- And believe me, I have very short arms! Mercifully, it is a single room intended for only one occupant, so it’s not as if I’m tripping over another person in these already cramped quarters. By the same token, it’s awkward to invite friends over when you pretty much need to sit back-to-back in order to be comfortable. The smallest of my companions are sometimes inconvenienced as well, but to my great delight, it seems as if some have adapted beautifully to the less than optimal conditions.

Peeking out from behind a row of text books and novels, three clever kitties took it upon themselves to conserve space on my bulging bookshelf. Stacked up in a tower of rectangular plush bodies, I was worried that they might be uncomfortable, or even worse, be at risk to topple over. After much reassurance and a day or two without incidence, they found that they actually preferred this arrangement, happily balancing close to each other. And with all the room that they’re saving me, who am I to argue!

Available at MochiMochi Land, you can now knit a set of compact cats for yourself. No matter how spatially compromised your home is, they’re sure to fit in perfectly!

35 thoughts on “A Column of Kittens

  1. I couldn’t imagine living in such a small space. It seems students have the short end of the stick on everything!

  2. I love your little friends…they look so cute :) I’ve wanted to get the pattern since the first time I saw the cats on Mochimochi’s blog!

  3. Hi! I just found your blog. Thank you for the free patterns – one of my co-workers is depressed about turkey hunting season, so I am going to make him one of your turkeys.

    Thank you so much for sharing!

  4. Oh these are just the cutest!

    I am definitely going to make my own column of kitties too, thanks for linking to where the pattern van be purchased from :)

  5. these remind me of the little creatures in hayao miyazaki films (spirited away, my neighbor totoro, etc). if you have not watched his films, you really should. they are incredible! amazing animation and storylines…

  6. What lovely creatures these are and I love the color! I ordered and just received your book, and I must say I am very impressed!

  7. They are soo perfect! I love them. Just posted them on my blog too!

    Thanks so much for your expert testing, once again!

  8. These are freakin adorable!!! I am nowhere near patient enough to make them though!!! I love all your little ones their so easy!!:)

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