Island of Misfit Toys

…Or really, island of misfit pictures. Hopefully none of you have been there too often, as it’s a terribly sad place, where all the blurry, over-exposed, and badly framed photographs go to die. Having sworn up and down that none of my own captures would ever find their way into that forsaken place, my heart sank all the way down to my small intestine when I discovered just that nestled into my very own hard drive. Sequestered in a quiet corner of my computer, there they lay for well over a year, waiting hopefully for their turn to be featured on the blog. I’m saddened to say that now it’s just too late; They’re no longer up to my personal standards, and to foist such amateurish work upon you, my dear readers, would make me feel like a rip-off artist. Any story that accompanied such poor illustrations would be instantly cheapened, so bear with me through this post while I simply clean out the plushies in my closet.

Second photo ops are not an option, as all of these toys have moved on to other homes, but I’d like to take a moment just to remember them, and give a few of these photos their moment in the sun.


Pug and Chihuahua

Cat Keyboard Buddy

Simple Lion

33 thoughts on “Island of Misfit Toys

  1. Aww, so adorable! I’m glad they’ve all moved on to homes as I was picturing a sad place of homeless little plushies. I adore that Lion- too cute!

  2. Love the keyboard buddy and I don’t know what you’re talking about but these pictures are sweet! Stop being hard on yourself.

  3. Oh wow, I love the pug and chihuaha so much! They’re adorable! You don’t remember where you got the pattern for them at all, do you?

  4. I can’t even imagine how you find the time to make these little guys! But I’m glad you do when you can! I really enjoy seeing them. :)

  5. I think these are great pics Hannah!! So glad they all have good homes now. I did a post of misfit food pics back in december, they’re all happily in my tummy (well, not anymore…. but you know what I mean).

  6. sharing that turtle pattern would be amazing – i have been looking for one as cute as that!

    also – any tutorials you might want to share about photographing our cute toys would be amazing.

  7. okay…it’s once crush after another with all these sweet lil’ creatures you make! goodness, i can’t seem to pick a favorite! krames likes the turtle best. and i like the elephant, and that banana!

  8. Cat Keyboard Buddy is very nice and sweety :) I bought new yarn nearly an hour ago and I am going to try it :) -I am not sure that how I can do it without pattern :) – If it is possible can you send me its pattern by e-mail?

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