Springing and Hopping

Just like that, it would seem as though mother nature has suddenly flipped a switch, and the days have instantly become longer and warmer. Although there is still a chill in the air, spring has definitely started to settle in, and it is a much welcome change. No longer is it necessary to bundle up in a half-dozen layers just to walk across campus, and there’s even light to dine by at dinner time. As much as I love winter, it had definitely overstayed its welcome this time around, dumping snow at the drop of a hat like a child throwing tantrums. One can only take these antics for so long, right?

Tempting me out of my quiet room with brilliant sunshine, it was literally a breath of fresh air to be greeted with the gentle midday breeze. Deciding on impulse to go for a stroll, winding paths unfolded before me, meandering along streams and brush and buildings alike. Enjoying the scenery so thoroughly, it wasn’t until 5 miles later that realized how far I had wandered or how limp my legs were becoming. I’m not exactly an athlete here, and my typical “walk” would be a quick dash between classes, plus maybe a lap around the building if you really push me. Starting to feel the distance in my throbbing feet, a nearby bench looked too inviting to pass by, providing a moment to rest my insufficient muscles. Sitting there with the blood rushing through my veins, who knows how long it took for me to pull my head together again. I have to guess that it must have been a good while though, because the next thing I knew, I found myself seated next to an unexpected newcomer.

Sitting nonchalantly on the bench as if he were just waiting for the bus, he must have hopped up there ages ago to get so settled in! Not wanting to make this slimy green visitor uncomfortable, I tried not to stare, but my curiosity only grew after getting over the initial shock. Where is his home? Will there be more frogs like him being born soon? A sign of good things to come, as creatures awaken from hibernation and wildlife returns to the budding trees, this fellow was even more proof that the seasons had officially changed.

It was hard to part ways and leave him there on the bench, but I took comfort in the knowledge that he is undoubtedly the first of many- I just can’t wait to see what other animals I might meet this spring!

15 thoughts on “Springing and Hopping

  1. That is cute! I’m thinking that will be my next project. I know of a little munchkin who loves frogs and would love love love it.

  2. Oooh – I made some very similar to this about a year ago for some of my cousin-in-laws’ kids. They went wild over them! So fair warning – do not show this to any kids you know or they will come right out and ask you to make them one (kids are so funny, honest, and blunt that way). :) But these frogs are adorable so who can blame them?

  3. what a lovely way to start the spring….I walked to class this morning and although it was actually quite cold it didn’t matter cause the sky was blue and the sun was shining! love your little green friend!

  4. 1) i don’t know how you make such adorable creations
    2) i just read jess’s blog- you have a cook book?
    3) i’m back blogging after a break so nice to see you again!!


  5. Girl, wherever do you find the time?! This is too cute.

    Also, you read my most recent entry after I accidentally published it before I was even halfway through… Haha. You missed a picture of your Sweet & Simple French Toast! :) It was totally delicious, and a really pleasant surprise–not that I don’t have total faith in your recipes by this point, but because I had yet to find a suitable vegan French toast. Yours was PERFECT! Custard-like on the inside, crispy on the outside, with amazing flavor. THANK YOU!!

  6. I’m SO glad that spring is finally “hopping along,” and making an appearance (I’m done with winter already! haha). Aww, your little frog reminds me of the pet frog I had a few years ago – it was an African Claw frog named Hoppity :0)

  7. awwww…that frog looks like he’d be good friends with the one that is featured on my calendar right now! just when i thought spring had arrived in portland, it hailed today.

  8. Hi,
    I have just picked up crocheting again, and i love making animals. I would love to make alot of the ones on your blog, but you do not have patterns up for all of them. Would you be able to email me some of the patterns?

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