Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

29 thoughts on “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

  1. Yikes, is that today?!? It crept up on me. Guess I need to eat something green later. Love the four leaf clover and the ladybug. So cute. Happy St Patrick’s Day to you too!!

  2. Apparently it IS being celebrated today (I think it was changed for Holy Week or something), but the calendar still says that St. Patrick’s Day is March 17th – who knows, haha. In any event, your four leaf clover with the ladybug is festive, fun, and adorable! :0)

  3. uh, its today? guess I missed it. well, we were going to have lambs lettuce for dinner anyway, green enough :-)
    your shamrock is so positively green, I love this color :-)

  4. Lots of people that didnt know it was changed til today, including me! Happy St Pattys day to you too! :)
    Your ladybug and the four leaf clover is really cute! :D

  5. I forgot it was St. Patrick’s Day and showed up at my meeting at work wearing a green dress shirt. Haha.

    BTW, thanks for your comment on my post about waffles. It appears that a lot of others have already discovered these waffles. :)

  6. hi:
    i just want to tell you that i buy your book and that i think is so beautiful and special, absolutely love the photos and the way you made it. what a great work!

  7. This is too cute! You have been knitting up a storm. I just love the gray kitty from the previous post …just adorable.

  8. I just discovered your website today…

    You are soooo talented. I love the green clover with the beautiful Lady Bug… When will this pattern be available?

  9. Dear BitterSweet
    Thank you for your free pattens. Could you please help me by telling me how the stitches goes in the knitted Pineapple. I can see the fruit has its inside out, but then I get all blank. Warm regards Erantis in Copenhagen
    P.S. I like your Ladybug too!!

  10. Hi Hannah, I just tried making white chocolate. It was okay until my sugar refused to really dissolve into the cocoa butter, so I got disgusting lumpy bits everywhere…I completed the process anyway. My white chocolate cooled pretty quickly, I can see some nice smooth solids forming but ome ugly lumpy bits where the sugar hasn’t dissolved.

    Sigh…If I’m using this to make a white chocolate ganache for a cake is it okay? Or does it matter if my white chocolate isn’t perfect?

  11. Can you send me the link for this 4 leaf clover. I have 5 grandchildren who would love this. could it be used as a pin?
    I am a slow crocheter(due to stroke)but I really, really want to try this awesome pattern.
    thanking you in advance roberta

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