Deep Breaths

Our culture practically expects us to overload ourselves with work, live the most hectic lives possible, and quite simply stress the hell out of us. Work is the measurement of success, and while it’s true that nothing can be achieved without hard work, this never ending push to stay awake, keep pounding away at the keyboard even after midnight has long passed… It’s a fine line between average obligations and excessive drudgery. Thinking about it just now, considering the amount of sleep I’ve stolen away for myself throughout this entire week, it makes my head spin, and the most I can do is remember to keep breathing. Life is overwhelming for everyone, so I won’t make excuses; I’m sure you’ve already heard them all, anyways.

So for now, I’m trying to get through this stressful patch with as many brain cells intact as possible, and I hope that everyone else who can relate will do the same.

Just like this little lady, let’s all take a moment to smell the flowers, and breathe in deeply.

17 thoughts on “Deep Breaths

  1. I’m sending you a wave of calmness from my under-achieving existence now………… ~_~
    (*wooooooooooshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…. aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………..mmmmmmmmmmmmm……)

    I hope things calm down for you soon! :o

  2. It’s very true, what you say, and then whenone gets a chance to breathe a little more easily, we’ve been conditioned to feel like we are being lazy. I’m wishing you serenity and beauty, even if it only comes in tiny moments, may you feel them to the very center of your being. May you feel peaceful.

    Hope you feel better soon, too. I love the tiny doll. Did you make that one? They are the sweetest new thing aren’t they?

  3. I agree – we need to all just take a break from all of the stressful, never-ending projects/assignments, and smell the roses :0) Once again, you’ve created a super-adorable creature!!

  4. I probably only breathe deeply when I am doing yoga and that isn’t often enough! Good reminder! Hope you have more time for yourself soon”

  5. I’m doing business school this year and I so know what you mean…

    Take care and don’t let school tire you out too much :-)

  6. Much good advice has been given. I just wanted to mention how wonderful your little creatures are. Very whimsical and charming.

  7. Hope things calm down for you soon. It’s no fun to feel constant stress. :( It’s good to be reminded to slow down and just look around at what’s going on and enjoy it.

  8. All I need to make me smile is to read your blog. I never know what you are going to come up with. I have made your free patterns and I love them, but most of all I love your imagination. I especially loved the little bear who stole your candy corn – thank you for sharing.

  9. here i am far to late ON THE COMPUTER. try knitting- it’s seriously relaxing. your photos are outstanding!!!

  10. Are we all still trying to catch up from the “spring forward” a couple weeks ago when we lost a precious hour?

    LOVE the sweet crochet!

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