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All form of intelligible thought flies far from my lips when I try to say exactly how thankful I am for everyone’s recent comments and various forms of flattery, but it never fails to amaze me to see how many people are actually following along. So much attention is still totally new to me, and it’s crazy to see how many times my blog comes up in regular posts these days! Particularly when there are some certain memes taking the blogosphere by storm… I think that I’ve been tagged for the same meme at least 5 times now, no joke! My studies are a bit demanding at the moment so while I’m I’m afraid I won’t be participating in this round, perhaps I could possibly bribe you guys with a cup of tea, or maybe even a slice of cake instead?

There’s a nice wedge of cookies ‘n creme, for those who want the best of both cookies and cake…

Or for those whole prefer simplicity, what about a sliver of brilliantly crimson red velvet cake?

If all else fails, there’s always the old standard of chocolate and strawberries.

I would never try to buy your vote or your love… But would a bite of one of these cakes score me any points, at least?

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  1. I think you’re going to have to get used to this new fame, because you definitely deserve it.

    Wow. Those cakes look so yummy! You’re so creative, it’s truly inspirational. I’m sure you’ll never have to fall back on chocolate and strawberries. ;-)

  2. Such cute cakes! You are so talented to not only make them but to think up recreating them in felt and thread. Thats talent, creativity and vision. You absolutely deserve all the attention and fame. Just don’t let your studies falter because of it!

  3. Lots of points indeed!! As others have mentioned, you definitely deserve all the attention. Have I mentioned before that you should sell those cakes on etsy? They would fly off the shelves!

  4. the more i see of your crafted food/animal objects the more i think “i want to line the sill of my kitchen window with felt foods”

  5. Those cakes are making me hungry – especially your chocolate and strawberry cake, that really looks so delicious.

    I think I shall go home and chew on some of my felt (I’m too hungry to take the time to first turn it into cakes of my own).

  6. Hannah, you’re an artist. I love reading your blog – there’s always something beautiful and creative. Get used to the attention, girl.

    And now I want cake.

  7. I have only recently found your blog through Tastespotting and have already seen you have a great talent :D I so thought they were real cakes at first haha Thats how badly I want sugar right now :)

  8. Oh yes, I can be bribed with a slice of those cakes. They are gorgeous!!

    They would be great for “play cakes” for a little girl’s tea time. I can’t wait until Melody is older so we can play.

  9. The cakes look delicious, they seem almost real to me!

    Your blog is very interesting, you take excellent pictures and are a talented writer! So, I think that is why you get so much attention. I am very glad I found your blog.

  10. Hannah, no need to bribe your faithful readers, fellow bloggers, or friends – you deserve the recognition and attention!! keep up the great work, girl!! and besides, the two little cakes that I received from you (the chocolate crocheted cake and the carrot cake) satisfy MY cake craving ;0)

    It was so nice getting to talk to you on the phone yesterday – I agree (as you said on my blog), we must try to do it more often!! It makes for a nice study break, for sure (or for anytime)! You know you can call me whenever!!

  11. I also thought the cakes were real at first! I had to scroll up & down several times to convince myself they weren’t… So beautiful! To echo what others have said, you totally deserve all of this recognition & you should be so proud of your accomplishments!

  12. Such cute cakes ^-^

    No need to bribe me here I don’t mind the cute cakes overtook my need to see your fav five ^-~

  13. Wow! these are spectacular creations, you certainly are one creative person and all the attention you and Bitter Sweet is getting is well deserved.
    I still have to find the time to crochet that little blue whale.

  14. Why is it that I go into coo fits whenever I see cake made out of non cake materials?? I don’t know, but it’s happening now. Be glad you can’t witness it.

  15. I recognize the cake you did for me at Christmas…which I will be blogging about this weekend along with your book…I know I am so behind. You are so talented!

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