Time to Make the Donuts…

At least according to Peabody and Helen it is! While I don’t have time to participate in many blogging events, I sorely regret seeing each fun new theme pass me by, and so even in the midst of homework, exams, and book signings, I put this one on my calendar, and dove right in. Unfortunately, that isn’t to say that I was able to give this project my full attention… Oh, far from it. So thoroughly distracted was I that I could have just as easily been measuring out dirt instead of flour, and I wouldn’t have even noticed. If there’s any tiny scrap of wisdom that I might pass along to you, my dear readers, it’s this: Pay attention to what you’re doing! All too often, recipes fail not because of poor directions, but a distracted or imprecise baker. And such was the case on the day I decided to make baked donuts.

Hot out of the oven, coated with cinnamon sugar, and then liberally slathered with a gooey coat of maple icing, these babies were all I had dreamed of. Except for one small detail… They were completely flat.

Aw crap, I ended up making hockey pucks with holes instead of donuts! Such disappointing results just wouldn’t do, but the clock continued to relentlessly clicked away the minutes and hours all the same, so a second attempt was out of the picture. Desperately searching for a quick fix, I decided that since the only trouble was the fact that my donuts were vertically challenged, perhaps they could help each other out. Yes, that’s right, I teamed them up into pairs and created…

A decadent donut sandwich! And since they’re baked, you don’t need to feel quite so guilty about consuming this ridiculous concoction!

Tasty as these were, I’m afraid the recipe will have to wait until they’re tall enough to stand alone. I’ll just make sure that the next attempt isn’t so rushed!

38 thoughts on “Time to Make the Donuts…

  1. That looks amazing–I was always more into the ‘old fashioned’, cakey type donuts so that looks exactly like what I’d like!

  2. A donut sandwich – only you would come up with this brilliant, decadent goodie!! love it!! I could go for one of those right now, since I’m battling the flu and haven’t been taking in enough cals – that could do it :0)

  3. LOL. Hannah – all of your so-called failures always look as delicious as your successes. How do you get them to be so photogenic? ;) If only my concoctions knew how to ham it up for the camera! Seriously, your flat donut still looks fantastic!

  4. Luckily I like hockey pucks…and with maple icing it is very Canadian of you. :)
    I think the sandwich idea is fabulous! That is my kind of sandwich.

  5. Hey, had you not admitted it, I would never have known that the last picture was not of a lovely puffy doughnut! Delicious!

  6. Oh there IS a vegan baked donut recipe! Only it uses a donut maker pan thingy. Which I can’t find.

    You can make nice donuts by deep frying them…

  7. A great idea!! I know what you meanabout needing to pay attention when you bake, there is definitely some science to it! I got a donut pan for xmas and have yet to use it… maybe soon when you perfect your recipe :-)

  8. That’s an extremely creative idea! It kinda reminds me of a bagel sandwhich, but much sweeter. You always have great ideas for righting ‘mistakes’! :)

  9. Vertcally challenged or not, these “sandwich doughnuts” look great. And if they taste great, then there’s no problem and you a new recipe on hand!

  10. this is too beautiful, still waiting for the recipe,
    Thanks ,
    Lanre from Nigeria

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