View From My Window

Lately, my days have been frustrating, exhausting, and impossibly busy since moving into this new school for the semester, but having this sight greet me every morning is just another small thing that makes it worth the effort to wake up so early.

15 thoughts on “View From My Window

  1. What a beautiful sunrise. A nice way to remind yourself to start fresh everyday. I hope you are finding the classes you wanted. You’ll settle in soon and things will be better. A little time and patience does wonders. Hang in there!

  2. I’m sorry to hear things haven’t been the greatest lately, but that is a beautiful view to see every day :)

    By the way, since I enjoy reading your blog, I have nominated you for the “you make my day award” (details are on my blog)!

  3. That is a gorgeous scene. The colors of the sky are simply breath taking. Better than my view, which is the top of a multiprint roof and some phone polls! ;)

  4. your view is so much nicer than mine… i look out directly over the law school parking lot. on the bright side, the sun doesn’t wake me up early in the morning on days when i get to sleep in. : )

    p.s. i’d love to get your address when you get a chance. sadly, i am behind on just about everything these days, BUT i hope to write very soon. also, i hope that things get better and settle down for you!

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