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Bubble Bath Therapy


“Work” seems to have become synonymous with life these days, and it’s hard to deny that both the business and academic world are both moving at a break-neck pace. Everyone can identify with the frustration that there are too few hours in a day, and that “to-do” list that continues to grow faster than kudzu, no matter how many things are actually accomplished. At the tail end of those busy, stressful days when it’s nothing short of a miracle to have survived the pressure without cracking one bit, it’s usually the most that I can do to just dump my exhausted body into bed, lest I end up shattering at the last minute. Of course, with so many thoughts swirling around my burned-out brain, the sleep that follows is never restful, and then the following day is only that much more difficult to face. Seeking some way to unwind a bit to prevent that whirlwind of ideas from stealing away my sleep, I recently decided to turn away from the inviting bedroom, and instead toward… The bathroom.

That’s right, the old childhood joy of a bubble bath can also do wonders for the weary worker. Engulfed in warm, soothing water, it’s almost as if the stresses that would haunt me day and night are popping just like the bubbles before my eyes. Tucked in under that blanket of sweet-smelling foam, it’s like a dress rehearsal for the main act of somnolence, preparation and practice before trying the real thing. Strange as that may sound, I suppose I really had forgotten how best to drift into dreams at night, and this drill is a welcome reminder.

Rinsed clean of the endless stream of critical thoughts, constant worries, and nagging assignments, I emerge from this first bed of water, ready to stumble into the other one of fabric. As I stumble off to find my resting place, sleep has already begun to steal away at my consciousness. Taking one final glance back at the simple fixture that has set my mind at ease so effortlessly, I could swear that it was actually smiling at me.

But perhaps that was just a dream.

[The pattern for “Tubby” will be available on MochiMochi Land very soon, so stay tuned!]


Author: Hannah (BitterSweet)

Author of My Sweet Vegan, Vegan Desserts, Vegan a la Mode, and Easy as Vegan Pie.

23 thoughts on “Bubble Bath Therapy

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  2. I need a good, long bath myself. What with a full-time job, the band and trying to cook healthy, hearty meals all the time, I feel like any relaxing or free time is a thing of the past! A bath is a great idea. But first, of course, I need to scrub my tub. :(


  3. Wow – isn’t that the cutest little thing? Now I think I’ve seen about everything – a smiling bathtub. LOL. Hannah, it is so cute and I’m amazed that you find the time to do test patterns too, but I’m glad you are able to squeeze them in because I love seeing them when you post them. :)


  4. That is the cutest thing ever! I


  5. yes, I know exactly what you mean – work (more specifically, SCHOOLwork), certainly has become synonymous with life. time for a break!!

    that has to be the happiest looking bathtub I’ve ever seen, haha – so fun!!


  6. That is so incredibly cute!


  7. this is the cutest thing ever… good for us you manage to find time to make these cuties, so we get to enjoy them on your blog :-)


  8. “Tubby” is adorable!! I’m glad you can find time to do stuff like that, even if life/work is crazy busy!


  9. So cute! Also, I finally got my hands on your book. Wow. I’m having a hard time deciding what to try first. I can’t wait.


  10. You are so lucky to have a crack at this pattern! You did great post on it too!


  11. Oh, pls do not let my girl see this…..i bet she will sure wants it.

    Her fav time of the day is bath time.


  12. You are very talented and great at time management if you’re able to do all these wonderful things.
    tubby is the cutest thing ever and he (and you) have inspired me to take a bubble bath – so, thanks


  13. too sweet :) lovely!


  14. How sweet!!! Great post…made me feel all warm and dreamy, reading it, thanks. :<)


  15. Oh that is just fabulous!


  16. Oh a bubble bath sounds like the perfect thing right now….


  17. seriously? that has got to be the funniest and cutest thing i’ve seen all month (yes, I live in the midwest and it’s just really cold and gray)! I think I’m inspired to learn a new hobby…..


  18. That’s a beautiful bubble bath!


  19. This is co cute! You’re so talented, Hannah!


  20. Omg this is so insanely cute!! A little knit bath tub. How adorable.


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