Just Peachy

Sunrise at 7:30 am, sleet, snow, hail, sunset at 4:30 pm. Rinse, repeat. While winter is one of my favorite times of year, jam-packed full of holidays and festive events, my patience with the terribly short days and gloomy weather runs short long before the season’s run its course. Enthusiasm melting along with the slushy, dirty snow piling up along the roads, I find myself yearning for summer, for the first time I can remember. Ask me about my favorite times of year, and summer will not appear on my list (Too hot, humid, and totally devoid of specific annual celebrations) and yet… It’s those seasonal fruits and veggies I yearn for in these cold, dark days of winter. Apples are always good, pomegranates are definitely a delight, but what I wouldn’t give for a handful of plump, juicy raspberries, or crisp, sweet corn, or…

Peaches! I swear, looking at my stash of hum-drum apples just now, I would have bet anything that I saw a peach poking it’s fuzzy head out from the crowd… But it simply couldn’t be; Peaches haven’t been son store shelves for months now, and still have months more before their triumphant return. No, it must be the lack of sunlight finally getting to me, scrambling my brains and fraying my already stressed nerves.

Hoping to put this crazy notion to rest, I poked back through the pile of round fruits to prove that no peach could possibly be hiding amongst them… But far from perishing the thought, lo and behold, there it was!

Really, I think that my cravings just might be getting the best of me, placing this radically out of season peach into my produce without my conscious knowledge of it! While I fear it may be about as soft as brick, I guess it does go to show that anything is possible!

23 thoughts on “Just Peachy

  1. oh, I too am craving an abundance of produce that is definitely out of season – when peaches are ready to emerge on the scene, in season, I’m DEFINITELY going to stock up!! In the meantime, at least you have your cute little knitted peach to “satisfy your cravings” :0)

  2. I prefer winter over summer too but I’m definitely missing all the fresh yummy fruit! White peaches, nectarines, kiwis, lychees… mm. Best for me not to think about them for now though.

  3. i’ve been craving peaches since the day they disappeared from the markets! i usually prefer winter (though i hate the short days) though I am missing fruit, desperately!

  4. Your peach is adorable! It’s really life-sized too! I just used some peach preserves on a dessert I made last night because I was craving them too!

  5. You should take up canning! Now’s the perfect time to whip out a can of the past summer’s peach butter and spread on some lovely scones or french toast. Yum!

  6. Hi!
    I have started crocheting and would really like it if you wrote me an e-mail. I haven’t talked to you in so long!

  7. Its the fresh plums I look forward to. Not the ones in the supermarket, mind you. Its the fresh victoria plums that come straight off the tree in our back garden at home. Mouth wateringly sweet, and delicious.
    Got a while to wait for that though, guess I’ll have to put up with knitted fruit too for now.

  8. I feel the same way about the summer as you. I don’t like the heat but miss the delicious fruits and vegetables.

    The peach looks lovely, thank you for the link to the pattern.

  9. It doesn’t make any sense that I, living in L.A. for goodness sake, had so much trouble finding the dutch process cocoa. Now that it’s in my hands, I’m happy and the wild goose chase is just a fun story to tell. ! I do have another question, though…in the cream cheese thumbprint recipe, you use flax seeds. I have ground flax seeds. Do you know what measurement of ground flax seeds and water equals the egg replacer with whole flax seeds for that recipe? Thanks!

  10. I too miss spring time fruit. My frige is full of tangerines, tangelos, oranges, and grapefruit. I guess Vitamin C is on the breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu. I need to find a recipe for orange tofu. Oh that sounds good! I love your little peach and I also think I need to go buy some apples. :o) Happy New Year

  11. You’re too much fun!

    I, too, cannot stand the gloomy days. That’s why I yearn for a warmer climate. Short days make me feel like my life is wasting away. But, alas, we most not fear. Winter will cease and spring will come back to us. All in due time. For now, we hibernate and bake!

    Happy New Year!

  12. I am so getting very tired of the long drippie days that this winter is bringing our way as well! The peach is beautiful, plump and not a bruise on it, it’s a winter miracle! Indulge and savor it!

  13. At the minute, I’m living in New Zealand so over here peaches and nectarines and all the other yummy summer fruit are just coming into season! I’d love to send you some, but by the time they reached you they probably wouldn’t be worth eating! I will eat a peach on your behalf though =)

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