Heart-Felt Holidays

Cold as the frozen, snow-covered ground itself, there was but one friend who I simply couldn’t reach out to all year long. Unfriendly at best, this “friend” never seemed motivated to keep in touch, or give me the time of day to hang out for one lousy minute- Eventually, not even birthdays would warrant a good reason to actually get together. I simply couldn’t understand, it was as if he was a robot, made of metal and without any feelings to speak of. Frustrated and disappointed in our capsizing relationship, I regretfully decided it was about time to walk away… When all of a sudden, he surprised me.

Reappearing into my life out of thin air, it was obvious from the first word that he wasn’t the same heartless jerk I had become accustomed to. With a big hug and many smiles, he wore his heart right out on his sleeve and tried to mend things between us.

I can only guess that the holiday season finally got to him. It does get to all of us eventually… That infectious spirit that makes you want to spread good-will all through the streets, bake for hours or days or weeks for every person you’ve ever met, or decorate the house so thoroughly that it looks like a store’s window display? You know what I’m talking about. Luckily, this friend of mine didn’t go over the top like otherwise normal folk occasionally do, but it was all he needed to reach out and prove that he really did care.

…And that was the best gift I could hope for.

To all who celebrate, Merry Christmas.

15 thoughts on “Heart-Felt Holidays

  1. aww, glad to see that your friend finally came around and got into the holiday spirit; and showed that he cared!! that truly is the best gift :0)

    happy holidays, Hannah!

  2. Well, here’s to hoping that the friendship remains on a more even keel! :) I give lots of credit to people who finally come around though – it isn’t easy and we never know what they are going through themselves, so good for him. And kudos to you on your lovely little robot character. Too cute. Have a wonderful day, Ms. Hannah!

  3. Merry Christmas Hannah! I just randomly came across your blog looking for vegan recipes. I love the little robot… Could you make me one (please!) I’m hopeless at knitting and have fallen head over heels for this little guy, it’s love it first sight… send me an e-mail about the price and we can take it from there! Thanks!!! lisreeve@yahoo.com

  4. How absolutely adorable Hannah! Thanks for not disappointing me with an absense of crocheted stuffies for Christmas! The pic and the story was a great gift! *smile

  5. I don’t know how I didn’t see this post before, probably too busy drooling over the cinnamon rolls. OK, I am on cuteness overlead. I LOVE this little guy.

  6. I have started this same robot pattern for my sons! I hope mine turns out as cute as yours!
    I hope you had a wonderful Holiday!

  7. Oh my god these creations are so amazing.

    ok so I found this page by accident. i dont even remember how. but I think i just read the first two pages here and was just amazed by your work.

    I have never seen such amazing detail like this. and so much heart put into every one of these little guys… its absolutely adorable.

    Im not familiar with this sort of work (crochet) but am very impressed none the less.

    I just want to say thank you so much for giving me such an amazing feeling in this moment… *sigh* I have had a rough time lately and you just made my life so much better.

    Thank you.


  8. I’ve been looking for the perfect robot pattern, and this is it! could you please tell me where you got the pattern from? Thanks! (Ravlink is fine, if you’re there.)

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