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The Well Fed Network is holding their 2007 food blog awards right now, and it seems that someone must have confused the entries or something, because it was just brought to my attention that my humble little blog has been nominated for Best Writing. And really, the best part of this is that I’m so surprised, I don’t even know what to say except… Wow! If you could toss a vote my way, I would really appreciate it, too!

23 thoughts on “News Flash

  1. Well, it’s nice to be getting some recognition for your hard work! Congratulations, buddy! Of course, I agree with Anita that it is not just your food writing that is a good read!

  2. You have an elegant, stylish and eclectic blog! I am glad you were nominated so I could discover it. I am also cheered to see that you write about more than recipes.

  3. congratulations!i’m not surprised though,yr blog is so well written,and you use a narrative style that’s engaging,like my old english teacher would’ve said you “don’t tell the story,you show it”.congrats!

  4. p.s i’m dying of anticipation to get yr cookbook.i ordered it at sidecar for pig’s peace(all vegan store) in seattle and was supposed to pick it up on the 29th,but they didn’t have it yet!so they phoned me last week and said they git it in and would send it to me,but the lady had to look up how much extra shipping would be and then phone me back.i didn’t get a call back so i phoned today and the guy working was new and said to phone back tomorrow when the manager,who i more than likely talked to previously,will be in.UGGGH.i am DYING to make the banana fosters cake.well,i have been since i laid eye on it in early august,but now i know it’s a possibility and i don’t have my book yet!

  5. Congratulations on this very special project of yours. Your father, Rich, has gave me the link into your blog and I was really impressed.

    Michal Palti

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