Printer Contest Conclusion

Wow, what an incredible response from all of you guys! I’m so excited to share the round up, and I hope that everyone takes the time to check out each entry, because they’re all worth a peek.

First up, we have Raquita, who compiled a montage of pictures of her newborn baby, overloading us with cuteness. Yeah, I would say that she’s definitely “handled the cute” there!

Tamara continues the theme of cute kids for us with a with a look at how a simple art project may very well progress into a messy mistake. Too funny, and I love the commentary here as well!

Kids, kids, and more kids, Teeni shares a day trip with her great niece. Looks like a wonderful outing to enjoy a fall day, huh?

Bobbie also has a series of shots to share of her grandkids.

Next up, we can see an adorable meeting between a inquisitive cat and a leafy green plant, photographed by Calamity. I just hope that cat doesn’t get too curious and try sampling a bite!

Proving that even a rainy day doesn’t have to dampen your spirits, Katelynne exemplifies the “glass half full” view point. Great imaginations, I just wonder what sort of game they must have been playing.

In case you were ever curious as to how one might move a piano across the street, Susan is here to demonstrate! I bet passing drivers must have been quite surprised to see that giant piano loaded into a speeding truck!

If you’re in need of a friend, Yvette has found an easy way to make that happen- Just make one! Although it sounds like her second floppy-eared visitor won’t be sticking around for too long, the two bunny buddies sure do look like they had a good time together.

Teresa tells us a cute little story about a leaning tower of cookies, and shows that in this game, even a collapsed tower is still a very tasty pile of rubble!

Bringing a whole rainbow’s palate into the competition, Lisa compiled a brilliant mosaic of colorful knitting which all came together to create a beautiful afghan when it was all finished. Not one to stop at the bare minimum, she also found inspiration in origami and sent in a second entry showcasing the steps required in turning plain paper into an intricate box.

Enthusiastic about the prospect of taking series of pictures again, Paige goes the extra mile and submits two entries- One turns taking shots into a family affair, and the other shows that more than just dirty laundry can be found hiding beneath lumpy blankets.

Angela takes advantage of sun on a bright day and puts on what appears to be a funny shadow play. I can only wonder what the plot might have been!

Pairing up mortal enemies like a cat and yarn, you can hardly expect there to be a peaceful story to result, but we’re left in suspense, not knowing what happens to that poor, wide-eyed yarn. I sure hope that Maryse intervened before any damage was done!

It just takes the right point of view to find beauty in even the most unappealing plants, as Catherine finds out first hand. I would definitely have to agree on this one- Those pictures could hardly be described as ugly or awkward at all!

Cassandra captures the precious moment of watching her little one first wake up, and really, don’t you wish we could all be such graceful risers?

Everyone always wants to dress new babies up in the finest clothing around, and Chris managed to snap a series of photos documenting a cute kitty trying on one of those wearables; a nice knit bib. I don’t know the cat will be willing to share when the baby finally comes along, because it looks like it’s just her size!

‘Tis the season for snow, and some folks like Tanya have already gotten enough of the white stuff to play around in. Only her daughter and a friend are photographed, but it looks like they found a fun way to spend a day together.

A battle between good and evil ensues when B’s dog discovers a little red monster fights it out. Luckily, it seems that this confrontation ended well and good conquered evil yet again.

I have yet to try my hand at knitting socks, but watching Megan bring a beautiful pair into existence makes me want to run out and buy sock yarn. Isn’t the design just gorgeous?

Lynn breaks out some older pictures from a trip to Nara, Japan, and I don’t blame her for digging these out of the archives. Just check out those adorable little deer! Makes you wish the wildlife around here was nearly as friendly, huh?

Elizabeth gives those of us experiencing cold, snowy weather a nice escape into a beautifully sunny river bank. As much as I love snow, I must admit, I would happily trade climates for a bit!

Have you ever seen a pink cat? Hard to imagine, but really, Lucia was lucky enough to spot a pink cat, and uncover the secret to its unearthly hue.

Liz takes the cake, and shows us just how she made this pineapple cake, too! Mmm, it’s easy to see why it disappeared so quickly!

And finally, submitting her entry just in the nick of time, Carol shows us the old belief that cats are curious creatures is completely true. But what an adorable little troublemaker, don’t you think?

And the winner…? Well, let me just say that this was no easy decision, and I hemmed and hawed for so long that I almost missed posting this round up on the designated date. With so many creative entries, there are truly no losers, so don’t feel discouraged if you weren’t chosen- Just submitting your series proves your talent! So, without further ado, the winner is….

Catherine!! Congratulations, Catherine! Email me your address and I’ll send that Kodak EasyShare printer your way asap!

Thanks for participating, everyone, and be on the look out for my next contest!

18 thoughts on “Printer Contest Conclusion

  1. such a wonderful round-up!! it truly demonstrates how diverse everyone’s eye for photography is!! and congratulations to Catherine for her well-deserved win!! :0)

  2. Thanks Hannah, this was super fun!

    Congrats Catherine! When I hit the “read more…” i literally said “WOW” with a little gasp!

  3. Hannah, (and everyone who’s commented here and on my blog), thank you SO much! I’m honored to have been chosen, and am super excited to finally have a printer that will allow me to print out some of my photos! Hannah, thank you again for running the contest – I’ve discovered many new blogs I’ll continue to enjoy visiting. :)

    -TGR (Catherine)

  4. Excellent choice, Hannah, and congrats to Catherine! Everyone’s pix are great, but hers especially. I had a lot of fun playing and telling the cat how many people were laughing at her.

  5. Wow! Some great pictures here ^-^ I knew this would bring some neat series photos and I love that!

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