First Snow of the Year

14 thoughts on “First Snow of the Year

  1. Nice pictures, Hannah. I just happened to be looking around on Facebook and I saw the link to this blog.

    PS: Yay, snow.

  2. I love the photos, but not so much the snow. I’d like it better if I could play in it all day then go inside and drink cocoa. But no. I must shovel my car and shlosh on the way to work. No fun!

  3. Awww! The first snow is the best snow. Numbers 2 through 10 are tolerable. Numbers 11 through 20 are exhausting. And 20+ makes me go a little batty. =)

  4. what beautiful photos! it snowed here during the week but not much. it was quite pretty, though. however, my memory card is still kaput, and i’m waiting on the card from ebay, so i’m camera-less still and it’s driving me bonkers.

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