Life as a Student

If you blinked, you might have easily missed the first half of the academic semester just like I must have, because all of a sudden, numerous lengthy assignments have been dropped right at my feet, due tomorrow for the midterm grade. No, they didn’t just suddenly drop out of the sky without the slightest warning, but I can’t help but feel slightly surprised at how quickly the days are rushing passed, especially when it feels as if I’m simultaneously accomplishing less and less. Less blogging, less baking, less crafting- All so that school can take the center stage, much against my true wishes. But when at college, what’s a student to do?

Hunched over at my desk, scribbling indecipherable notes day in and day out, I’m afraid that my 7 page essay on classic sociology theory will still be 4 or 5 pages shy on the day of reckoning. It’s not a terribly difficult subject or anything, it’s just the formality of writing in MLA format, double-spaced, 1-inch margins, citations for every fact… It’s so deadening. Not like writing in any sense that I’d like to think of it, I’d rather undergo painful dentistry than finish out that final argument and cap it off with an equally exciting page or two of bibliography. Still, there’s little choice but to persist, despite the abundant temptations to focus on different activities…

Glancing up from the endless stream of incomprehensible text before me, I saw that a friend had come to visit, looking eager to romp around outside and enjoy the gorgeous daylight. While the last thing I wanted to do was to stay cooped up inside, pounding away at this frustrating paper, I simply couldn’t justify taking a break at such a late stage in the game. It was now or never, and if the report wasn’t written by the end of the day, it would end up being never. Disappointed, my friend’s face fell when he heard my response, and turned away, sullen.

Buckling down once again, only 2 or 3 more sentences flowed from my pen before I realized that I was being watched, and lo and behold, my friend had returned once again, this time with a delightful ball of yarn in tow. He seemed to be taunting me, teasing me, Don’t you want to play with the fantastic ball of yarn? It was all an elaborate ruse, of course, since he was more interested in playing fetch than knitting up a new project, but that wasn’t important. What mattered most was prying me from my position, prone in front of the death sentence of an assignment, no matter the means. Tempted terribly to abandon ship, it took all the willpower I could muster to stay and continue working, avoiding his distracting trap. Shaking off the restless feeling building up, I tried yet again to finish my work. Slowly but surely getting back in the groove, I felt certain that I would be done in no time at this pace. But then, I looked up and saw my friend had returned yet again, with some other lure at hand…

Wait a sec- A ginger Newman O?! Where on earth did you get that? I finished the box a week ago, at least! Hey, come back here with that cookie! Hey, if I go play with you for a bit, can I have it? Where’s that yarn ball- Come on, you win, just give me the cookie!!

16 thoughts on “Life as a Student

  1. LOL. This whole post is really cute. I love that this time you really got involved with your little character. I think you need more characters dragging you into the story like that. It made me smile to think of you chasing the tiny pup for a cookie! :)

  2. That’s so cute! You have a discipline problem though… your critters are stealing too much of your food! Time for a serious talk with them all…

  3. I have the same problem, Hannah – I have SOOO many assignments and exams (especially this week – ahh!! stress!! I’m avoiding writing a paper right now, actually, haha) and the days just keep flying by. Aww, I’m glad that cute little pup was able to coax you away from your schoolwork, with the Ginger-O – that alone is worth a break :0)

  4. I know what you mean about writing papers not being REAL writing! I remember hating those days when I was at University (OMG, 8 years ago now). I LOVE to write but there is something stifling about having to write essays. They used to drive me round the bend, with all their stuffiness and formality.
    I have to say your cute little pup made me smile, and I hope you DID take a break to play and eat that cookie!

  5. good luck getting everything finished up! your friend is so adorable… isn’t it crazy how easily sidetracked we get when we’re doing things we dislike? : )

  6. Lol! I was exactly the same in my first year at Uni. “What do you mean you gave us the essay questions two months ago?” and “so, what’s a footnote again?” You’ll soon get used to it, and in the end you’ll probably come to appreciate that the rules and formalities actually *do* serve a purpose! Although that may well be one week before you finish your degree…

  7. sis, we have the same harsh life to deal with..i’ve been crazy busy writing all those report, homework, applications………………..havent gone to bed before 3 am for 4 days.. 4 days!!! but it feels ok actually, just dreaming of the day i accomplish all those craps..woo..feel like a big girl..haha…..

    hope u r doing fine with ur task and just can’t help saying it again and again and again.. this is so cute!! we have to keep the lovely spirit alive, whatever ;p

    sent u an invisible fancy icecream cone and lots of good luck! haa..

  8. lol! I certainly can sympathise.
    The kids at our university are all walking around looking shell shocked ; midterms already?????
    I LOVE that little guy but how devious of him to steal a cookie!

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