Summer’s Last Stand

If you do some traveling through the blogosphere, I’m sure you’re already well accustomed to the unified cry going up amongst food bloggers, bemoaning the changing seasons. Summer was too short, and I fear it always will be even if full days were actually added to it, simply because it’s the state of mind that one takes on during these fast few months. All that sun gets into one’s head, permitting a more relaxed approach to work and allowing for far more play. No matter whether school vacations are applicable or not, life just takes on a slower, more comfortable pace. Truly there’s nothing like the mindset I associate with summer, but what’s even more alluring when I think of the season has got to be the produce. As someone who adores berries, this is the harvest I look forward to all year, and mourn when it ends right about now. But you know, even if I could have raspberries and strawberries 365 days a year, I don’t think I really could. Why? Despite my undying love for them, it has something to do with that summer mindset I suppose.

True, I would hardly turn up my nose at a perfectly ripe berry in January if such thing were possible, but availability doesn’t always ensure edibility. Take for instance, the pineapple.

Impressive as a whole fruit and admittedly, rather intimidating to break down, but when fresh, these pointy yellow and brown ovals have the most amazing tangy and sweet flavor. I can’t say that it’s my favorite fruit, or that I would go out of my way to obtain it, but there’s nothing that could replace those brightly flavored and colored pleasantly fibrous chunks in a fruit salad. Now, were you to can the once fragrant, fresh fruit… That’s when things tend to go awry. Just like it’s impossible to can and preserve the summer state of mind, there’s no way to accurately reproduce summer fruits past the fact. Emerging from a tin coffin, dripping with chemicals and high fructose corn syrup, it’s enough to make anyone forget the happiness that real seasonal delights might bring.

So, is all lost for the cold months that are fast approaching? Never! In addition to the fabulous new taste sensations that are just about to become ripe such as incredibly crisp, sweet and tart apples, juicy pomegranates, and zesty clementines, just to name a few, I think I’ve found a suitable way to save the joy that fresh pineapple might bring…

…By turning it into head gear! True, this one is sized for the head of an infant or toddler, but just seeing someone, anyone wearing a hat like this would certainly brighten up even the darkest, gloomiest winter days, don’t you think?

17 thoughts on “Summer’s Last Stand

  1. Poor pineapples are normally not one’s favorite fruit and always takes second place to the luscious berries of summer. But if you give it a chance , it’s so surprising what you can do with it and it ‘s great for digestion too! Love that head gear – so cute!

  2. As much as I am saddened to have to forgo eating my beloved strawberries, cherries, and (especially) blueberries, I am quite excited for the arrival of IN-SEASON apples, fresh pineapple (delicious in smoothies!!), pears, etcetera.

    Speaking of pineapple, that hat (especially on the happy-face balloon) is beyond adorable – seeing that on someone’s head would for sure brighten up the day for me :0)

  3. Yes, that would definitely brighten up anyones day!! I love it. Did you make up that pattern yourself? If you did, then I think I definitely sense more publications in your future. ;)

  4. How cute! It brought a huge smile to my face now and it’s not even winter yet. If I saw a baby in this hat I think I would squeal in delight and the mum would freak out.

  5. I too bemoan the fast disappearance of summer..(sigh)
    I do look forward to the crispy apples though!
    That is too cute a hat!!!!

  6. What an adorable hat! It owuld make me giggle to see someone in that on a gloomy day. Heck, I’d probably be the one wearing it, I’ve got a white fleece hat with huge cat ears and big green cat eyes on it that I wear when I want to make people smile.

  7. that hat is amazing.i would wear a pineapple toque everyday no matter what season.
    i’m sure gonna miss nectarines.and today i got excited to find out that figs have a second harvest in early september,but that will be gone soon too.
    i’d get excited about the apples coming,but i’ve really taken a liking to sunrise apples which are in season around late summer.

  8. This post makes me so happy. I’ve been mourning the end of summer, but you’ve made me smile with Mr. Pineapple and thoughts of pomegranates and clementines… ahhh!

  9. A friend of mine once made me a felt hat with bright yellow duckies on it. I know that’s completely different from a pineapple, but it had the same effect, people always smiled when they saw it.

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