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Bake Me a Cake


I’ve certainly knit my fair share of cupcakes since the start of my crafty adventures, but when time is short and I get orders for a half dozen yarn-based miniature cakes, pronto, the last things I would look for are my knitting needles. My blog is now becoming dominated by crocheted objects, but don’t get me wrong, I still love knitting- It just takes much more time in general, and who has any time these days? Why not just bust out that crochet hook and be able to finish off a full dozen in a day’s time?

This rendition is nothing new, special, or unique, but it’s getting harder and harder to follow ready-made patterns, as my hands tend to deviate so rebelliously that I usually end up with something entirely different by the time I cut the last thread. Instead, I figured it would be safer to start from scratch and write my own pattern, simply for my own convenience. You’ve got about a million other cupcake patterns to choose from on the wonderful web so be sure to check out all of your options, but here’s how I do them…


With brown worsted weight yarn and an F hook, sc6 in a circle
Sc twice into each st (12 sts)
Sc1, sc twice into next st* around (18 sts)
Sc2, sc twice into next st* around (24 sts)
Sc into back loops of each st
Sc around
Sc11, sc twice into next st* around (26)
Sc6, sc twice into next st, sc12, sc twice into next st, sc6 (28)
Sc13, sc twice into next st* around (30)
Sc around
Break yarn


Sc6 in a circle
Sc twice into each st (12 sts)
Sc1, sc twice into next st* around (18 sts)
Sc2, sc twice into next st* around (24 sts)
Sc around
Sc3, sc twice into next st* around (30 sts)
Sc around for 3 rounds
Skip one st, 5 dc into next st, skip one st, sl st* around
Break yarn, leaving a long tail to sew with

To assemble, simply sew bugle beads or embroider multicolored “sprinkles” on top of the frosting as desired, stuff, and sew the cake to the edge of the frosting just inside of the scalloped edge. Now wasn’t that easy? Go ahead and make a baker’s dozen; You undoubtedly have enough time!

Author: Hannah (BitterSweet)

Author of My Sweet Vegan, Vegan Desserts, Vegan a la Mode, and Easy as Vegan Pie.

246 thoughts on “Bake Me a Cake

  1. oooo, so cute! Thank you for the pattern, very generous of you!

    The photos are great! Love the lighting, they look like they should be in Martha Stewart! Hope you take that as a compliment :)

    • she didn’t mention a chain r anything….just some circle..
      how many do u chain….do u join….what?????

      • after you Sc6, you you Sc twice in the very first chain stitch – you are making a spiral circle.

      • I am trying to make a few of these for a cupcake toss game for my grandsughter bday. I am having some problems with the edging coming out to the right amount of stithches. Are there 7 or 8 sallops around the edge. That will help me to figure it out. Thanks!! Tammy

      • I would think rather than a beg circle of 6 sc, a magic circle would be better, exp for the icing

      • Ch2 then in second ch from hook do 6 sc in chain

        Great pattern thank you for sharing.

    • Very sweet pattern! I design a lot of my own items,however;it’s very hard to write my designs on paper in the form of instructions. I can,however;draw designs on graff paper and either single crocheted it or crocheted it in the afghan stitch. Several items have been crocheted in the afghan stitch.

  2. These are adorable. I love the brightly colored frosting!

    I have seen other patterns out there for cupcakes, but this one seems so much easier to understand. I can’t wait to try some of these. I have a lot of birthdays coming up, and these would be perfect presents.

    Thanks for sharing! I love that you keep sharing crochet patterns :)

  3. those look great! the edging around the frosting really makes them different from a lot of the other patterns for cupcakes that i’ve seen. : )

  4. Another great no-fat dessert! LOL. I love these! Thanks for sharing the “recipe.” ;)

  5. That is so cute! What a neat idea!

    Welcome to The Foodie Blogroll!

  6. Those are soooo cute! Wish I could knit, because it would be cool to have them sitting on the kitchen bench. I would feel happy to see them and know that they weren’t going to make me fat!! LOL ;-)

  7. I love these little cupcakes – so colorful!! Since I love crocheting (it’s the only crafting technique I have down), this would be a fun pattern to make – thanks for posting it :0)

  8. I LOVE these. I could make these for My 13 yr old, she doesn’t like cake. I love the presentation of these. Very cute especially for photos of her for her birthday…Yeah!! and they are no calories, and no fat., no sugar. LOVE EM!!!…

    Oh and thank you for sharing with us :)

  9. I have an award for you!
    I hope that you will accept it(a it is a Nice Matters award; which you deserve for being so nice..)
    Come to my site to pick up the picture!

  10. I second that, Merri!

  11. Hi there!
    I’ve been such a big fan of your blog for a while, just wanted to let you know how much I love your crochet patterns! Not to mention the cupcake recipes. I know what you mean about crochet being faster than knitting for these kinds of things, I couldn’t immagine making amigurumi by knitting!

    ^_^ Chase.

  12. These are great! I really like the scalloped edge. And the colors you used are wonderful, I always tend to see crocheted baked goods in pastel and muted colors. It’s just so nice to see some in such bright, cheerful colors. Well done!

  13. These are so cute, sweetie! I love how you’ve made them in different colors.

  14. Wow, they look yummy! Thanks for sharing the pattern. I can’t wait to make me some cupcakes!

  15. GOSH! For a second I thought it was a real cupcake and start wondering and imaging how the icing was added to. I do say the look so adorable and so real. Well done. Hope you could explore our website also.

  16. Wow, your crocheted cupcakes are so pretty. I stumbled upon your blog from ovenhaven. I lover your photography. Nice lighting and composition. May I know what camera are you using?

  17. These are FABULOUS! I only wish I knew how to crochet!

    • Crocheting is so easy and anyone can learn how to do it. I’ve been crocheting since Im seven. It doesn’t matter what your age is, I’m sure I can help you out learning how to crochet is you are really interested in knowing how. Just email me back at my email address and in the subject just write Teach me to Crochet and I will open it up and start you with your first lesson.

      I loved the crocheted cupcakes and yes, I have made over 3 dozen of them already. Please feel free to contact me. I will be more then willing to help you out.


      • I am having problembs with this pattern I have just started crocheting and I need someone to really break this down for me I don’t understand when it says sc 1 should I sc like a chain or sc by going thru the loops? Or is it round 1 ? Hope u can help thank u so much :)

    • im 11 and i startd crocheting when i was 10. ITS SO FUN AND EASY!!!!!!!!

  18. I love them and the colors are so cute together.

  19. Oh gosh, these are so adorable! <3

  20. By the way, Aidan wanted to know if you could knit her a cupcake. She loooooves the one you knit me for my birthday :D. How much do you charge?

  21. Those are fantastic! Time to dust off the crochet hooks.

    Who says crochet isn’t as versatile as knitting? :)


  22. I love this so much! Thank you!!!!

  23. killing my lunch hour in a bookstore yesterday, I saw a crocheted cupcake in a patternbook. Too hard to wrap my brain around! Thanks for an easy pattern. Can’t wait to try this. Thanks!

  24. I love, love, love, love, LOVE those cupcakes!!!

  25. So absolutely adorable! I’m willing to put away the knitting needles and dig out my crochet hook … it’s been quit awhile but you’ve motivated me to give crochet another go!! :D

  26. These look so yummy! I can’t wait to make some up for presents!

  27. Thank you for this pattern! My sister is a quilter and I think I will make this for her birthday, as a pin cushion possibly.

  28. Just finished my 1/2 dozen for my sister’s b’day! Thank you soo much for this pattern!

  29. Nice. Once I learn how to chrchet, I’d like to try to make these!

  30. First the birds, now this. I really need to pay more attention to your blog. Very cute! Thanks for sharing the pattern. :)

  31. I LOVE THEM!!!!! soooo cute!!!! cant wait to make some!

  32. These are sooo cute. I also saw your Hippo pattern and can’t wait to try it for a birthday gift for a friend. Thanks for sharing your patterns! :)

  33. Hi, browsing though looking for some new projects. I love your work. You have really inspired me. Thank you so much for sharing your patterns and work with us.

  34. Oh these look awesome! Just perfect for my Love’s 1st b-day party with a cupcake theme! I have 1 question though maybe someone can tell me. Do you stuff these? If so what is recommended to use for the stuffing? Everytime I make something with crochet and I stuff it will poly fill it comes out the holes. Any advice and where I can get something liek wool stuffing?
    Thanks A lot!

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  36. These are so cute but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to make the icing. I can do the cake part but when it comes to making the icing, when it comes to the 6th round of sc3 then sc2 each for 30 stitches, my circle gets all curvy and it never ends up making the domed icing part. Any idea what could be going wrong. Thank you so much for your help!!

  37. Just wanted to say these are awesome and I can’t wait to make them! They are going to make a wonderful addition to my burgeoning pattern collection! :)

  38. For the icing part, there are like left over two stitches so it doesn’t equal out.

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  40. Thank you so much for sharing this pattern. I found it so much easier than some of the others I looked at!

  41. How cute, love it

  42. These are adorable, I am new to crocheting and have a question, Do you connect each round by using a slip stitch? also do you chain one before starting each row? I would so appreciate your help. Thank you.

  43. this is so cool! Is there any way you can make a video making it?

  44. hi- i love this pattern and just made 2 of them! what i’ve been doing to have enough room for all 8 shells on the icing is on the sc around row after all the instructions to sc 15, 2sc in next stitch around to have 32 stitches on both the top and bottom. Do this so its even when you sew it together.

  45. hi

    l love the cupcakes they are so cute l’m going to try to make one .

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  48. Thank you so much for this pattern! They turned out just adorable, and as a bonus, they fit perfectly into standard muffin tins, which my kids love!

  49. I have been crocheting for many, many years, but I’m stuck here. My questions is, what does it mean when you say “sc6 in a circle”? I know that sc means single crochet and I know how to do a single crochet. But don’t you have crochet a chain and join the ends to form a ring before you have someplace to put your single crochets?
    This is the cutest crocheted cupcake pattern I’ve seen anywhere, and I really want to make some. So if you could help this foggy-brained women figure this out, I’d surely appreciate it. Thanks.
    –Susan C.

    • Hey Susan,

      What they are trying to tell you is this: You have the yarn on you finger rapped around where the cross over yarn would be, then take your hook and go where your finger is, grap the yarn and pull it though where your finger was, then do your next single crochet 6 times. If you need more help on this, email me at, I will be more then happy to help walk you though this. Good Luck.

      • I’m pretty sure the “circle” refers to a magic circle, which allows you to make a circle without a hole inside of it–it’s a real help for anyone who’s doing amigurumi patterns. There are a couple ways to do it, but this is an easy how-to video that I learned on:


  50. Thanks for the pattern!

    Susan, you can also do a magic ring-here’s a video on how to do that:

  51. thanks forthe patterns….

    ur works look wonderful…
    do visit my food blog when u have time…and leave ur comments and suggestions…
    blog title : envittuvirundhu

  52. Thank you for the pattern it is so cute.

  53. My cupcakes came out so great! Thank you for so many awesome patterns that are quick crochets—easy for a rainy night….

  54. Thanks so much for the pattern. I had to make this in a hurry as my knitting class was having a birthday surprise party for our instructor. We were invited to bring a gift from the heart so I made a cupcake pincushion. It turned out so great even though I haven’t done much crocheting in the last 5 years. I added irridescent bead sprinkles and the colored pearl headed pins. Also, put a steel wool pad inside the top for pins to have a better anchor than fiberfill. Also added a cherry on top. Then I found a spice jar lid that fit in the bottom and anchored a stone to it for weight. My dc’s around the frosting didn’t come out even, but I didn’t have time to fix. She loved it and said she had started a pincushion collection-perfect!

  55. omg! this is awesome I just made on just now and it is so cute!!

  56. Thanks fot this lovely pattern.

  57. I tried making this but it didn’t turn out quite right. any tips?

  58. Thank you for this great pattern!
    I made one just now for my baby boy with blue frosting and a crocheted cherry on top. It’s just the right size for him to hug and teethe on. :-)

  59. Looks yummy! Im definitely going to make these.

  60. i adore them, they are really cute that i want to make them right away. thank you for the pattern.

  61. They’re so cute!! I bouhgt a book at Hobby Lobby where they show you how to do them1 I need to get some yarn though :]

  62. I love these. I wanted mine a littel bigger so the bottom would fit in the bottom of a water bottle (maybe I just crochet too tight), so I added a few stitches here and there to make the bottom bigger. These are really cute. It’s good to get back into crocheting. I tried to make the knitted ones (because I knit too), but for the life of me, I could not handle double sided needles with so few beginning stitches, so this is just right! Thanks again.

  63. Hello!
    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language ;)
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

  64. Hello !!! ^_^
    My name is Piter Kokoniz. oOnly want to tell, that I like your blog very much!
    And want to ask you: is this blog your hobby?
    Sorry for my bad english:)
    Thank you!
    Your Piter

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  66. I just found your patterns and they are wonderful. I love the cupcakes and have a cake holder just like your picture that I am going to fill with crocheted cupcakes. Just the perfect diet helper.

  67. these are sooo cute! ive been looking for some cupcake patterns but they all look so complicated and have a fp or bp stitch which i cant stand! deff gonna make these like, tomorrow and maybe itd be cute to crochet a little birthday candle too!

  68. Thank you for this pattern! I am making my daughter a set of playfood for her upcoming bday and these will be such a fun sweet treat!

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  71. I can’t wait to try this…thank you so much!

  72. Gorgeus cupcakes! Do you mind if i sell some that i make from this pattern?

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  74. Hi, My daughter – pixeltash (on Ravelry) – has found your lovely quick cupcake crochet design and I am writing to ask if I may make some to sell for charity? I sell greeting cards and the company which publishes these cards is currently supporting Children’s Hospices UK’s ‘Butterfly Tea Party’ Appeal. In support of this charity I shall be selling a special collection of our cards featuring fairies, butterflies and cakes at coffee mornings etc where I would like to display (and hopefully sell) ‘cupcakes’ made to your lovely design. I would of course credit your copyright and provide a link to the pattern on this site if you give permission. I am not allowed to publicise the card company I work for on an open website but you may look up the details of the Hospice Charity’s appeal on and click on the butterfly on the righthand side. Many thanks, Sylvan

  75. You’ve got wonderful patterns !
    I would like to know if it’s posible to me to translate its in French ? with a link to you (to your site)
    Do you agree ? ohhh ! I’m so sorry my english is so bad !
    thank you very much

  76. I would like to print the CUPCAKE pattern but…don’t want to print all 21 pages (comments). Will you tell me how to print just the Cupcakes? PLEASE…Thank you, Mimi :)

  77. I agree with Mimi….. I would like to
    print but not all 23 pages…. help !!!

  78. Mimi…. Today I went to “file” on my computer. “Print Preview” and then “Print” and I was able to select pages 1-3 to be printed.
    And it worked !! good luck !!

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  80. Yummy fantastic can’t wait to try this out for christmas thanks again wonderful

  81. I made one for my daughter and she loves it! Thanks for the pattern.

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  83. wow! these r so cute! i think ill make some soon as i can get my hands on some yarn :) im an 11 year old crocheter and LOVIN IT! :D

  84. Awesome cupcake pattern! I’ve seen a bunch and I’d say these are my fave. I’m making one right now as my first crocheted project ever. I think I might have misunderstood the sc in the back loop bit, but I think it looks ok. I’ll have to ask my teacher about it when I go back to school after winter break.
    I was just wondering: do you join the circle you make to start off each piece or do you just crochet it amigurumi style and not join it? I’ve already started mine without joining but an answer would be helpful for future reference, as I plan to make another one as a gift for my four year old cousin. Thanks for an adorable pattern!


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  86. Thank you so much for the lovely pattern!
    I got to know about you and your wonderful blog through Ravelry.
    Just finished making 10 cupcakes.

    I’d like to write about the cupcakes I made and link your blog.
    Thank you again!

  87. One thing on my things to do list is learn how to crochet. The second I know ,I am going to make one! Very,very,very cute I feel hungery just looking at them!!!!!!!!!

    • I learned to crochet at 36 years old last year from a book called ‘Crocheting for Dummies’ I can read patterns now and do pretty much any pattern I like! It was 20 dollars at Barnes and Noble but I’m sure you can find it at other bookstores or online like Amazon. Good luck!

  88. My daughter and son-in-law are expecting their first baby and since they didn’t want to find out what the baby’s gender was, they’ve called their baby-to-be “cuppie cake” through out the pregnancy. I found your pattern and fell in love with it. I wanted to show you how perfectly they were for a home-made baby mobile. I used yellow to match the nursery, but on the bottom of each cupcake I used bright varigated yarn to give the baby something to see. Here is a link to the pictures. Thank you again soooo much!!!

  89. Thank you soooooo much for this pattern i LOVE it! i just made a couple of these and i even added a pair of saftey eyes i had left over from a previous project and they are soooooo cute!

  90. These are adorable! They will help me get rid of scraps and keep me entertained. And yes, knitting does take longer, but I still love it too!
    You are so creative!

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  92. i love theses cakes. but tell me what does sc1 sc twice means i’ve never seen instructions like this. is it crochet 1 or 2

    • i’m assuming SC1 means single crochet one time (possibly crochet1? i don’t use that term, so idk), and SC twice means single crochet twice through the same loop/stitch.

  93. How cute they are! Thank you so much!

  94. Hi! Cute cupcakes! I love cupcakes and crochet, so it’s the perfect project for me. I’ve linked this to my blog to share with my readers. Thanks for sharing!

  95. These are fantastic! I’m a beginner at crochet and had no problems with these!

  96. I love this pattern it is soooo cute and cool but is bigger than i thought

  97. Love your crochet patterns!!

  98. Hi there
    I’ve made a couple of these and someone has expressed interest in selling them on my behalf. The ones I’ve made are modified from your pattern, I’ve changed the base and the frosting slightly by a few different rows. I also don’t use the sprinkles. I don’t know much about copyright so I thought I should ask. What is the policy? Please email back :)

    • Hi Steph,

      Did you ever get an answer on how much to sell them for. I seen them at a Chruch fair a few weeks ago and they were selling them for $1.75 each. Was this too little or too much. Let me know what you think. Also for a dozen $20.00 is this a good price?

      • I would really be grateful if the crafts made from my patterns were not sold. Since I make them free for all to enjoy and do not profit from them at all, it seems only fair that the same should be true of all those reaping the benefits. Thank you for understanding.



      • Afternoon Hannah;

        I want to leave you this reply as I seen them at a Church Fair and I was with friends who wanted purchase them for there office as a talk piece. I wanted to know for the price they paid for them was it a good deal! These cupcakes I’ve seen at other fairs and since I had made them in the past for friends and family, I was just wondering if my friends paid for them at a good price. That’s all I was asking about.

        Thank you in advance in getting back to me on this. You have a blessed and wonderful day.


  99. I love these. I made a few changes. I made the top slightly bigger than the bottom. Then I sprayed the insides of both sides with stiffen quick. I put on seed beads for sprinkles, and a big red button at the top. I gave it as a birthday gift… a cupcake box. I put a small gift inside the box.

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  101. Thanks for the great pattern! I just made one as a baby gift to coordinate with a burp cloth I sewed, as the fabric had a cupcake design on it. What a fun gift! I added a cherry on top and stitched the sprinkles so there wouldn’t be any choking hazard, and put a rattle inside. Posted a pic on Ravelry. Thanks much for the great idea!!

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  104. These cuocakes are just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing the pattern!

  105. Love it! Cup cakes and crochet have to be one of my 2 favorite things :)
    Great, easy to understand pattern.
    Thanks so much!!! I’ll have to make them for my friends :)


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  108. This was my first attempt at Crocheting, and I learned with this pattern. I love my cupcake. Thank you for such a easy pattern that even a beginner could do!!

  109. I’m trying to crochet the cupcakes. Are they done in the “round?” If not, do you join with a slip stitch at beginning and ending of rows? I’m confused.


  110. super cute!! can’t wait to make them.

    are you supposed to work in the back loops for the icing part?? how does it create that dome shape?

  111. nevermind! it’s turning out great. i may use this pattern for making an ice cream scoop as well.

  112. merci du partage
    bon week end

  113. i been wanting to make cupcakes for the longest but the patterens i founn were all knit and i cant knit thanks for this pattern

  114. Hello!
    First of all I want to thank you for posting all your free patterns, they are wonderful!
    The second thing actually is a question, can I translate into Portuguese this pattern (Cupcake) and post it into my blog?
    This is so wonderful that I wanted to share it!
    Please, let me know and congratulations for all your work!

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  117. I love your site and your patterns. I have made a few alterations to your cute cupcake. A candle and a stiff bottom if you are interested here it is.

  118. I really like it, they’re so cute!

  119. I have enjoyed making these SO much. So thank you for the receipe, I hope it is alright I have passed it on? KR Hanne

  120. Hi, Super Job!!! There so cute! I,m going to the store and get my yarn now. Thank You so much! God bless! RUBYDIAMOND

  121. Thanks for the pattern, I love it. I just finihed a quilt for my granddaughter with cupcake pattern on it. I am going to make a few of these for her sit around her room to go with the quilt.

  122. Great pattern. I’m going to felt and make pincushions! Thanks!

  123. i made one of these today it turned out just great thanks for the pattern :)

  124. I completely followed the instructions, but mine didn’t turn out like yours?

    • ME NEITHER = THO’ I HAVE CROCHET FOR 55 YEARS = SOME WAYS THE PATTERN IS WRITTEN HAS CONFUSED ME = LIKE = Skip one st, 5 dc into next st, skip one st, sl st* around = WHAT DOES SHE MEAN IN THE = one st, sl st* = PART ~

  125. I don’t understand the sc 1 sc2 sc12 and such do I sc in a chain or sc in the loops I’m super confused if anyone can break this down for a beginner a little bit more it would be super thanx a bunch!

    • Krysten,
      From what I understand the instructions to mean is that where it says sc1, you would crochet 1 in the next stitch. Where it says sc2, that would mean do do 2 sc in the SAME STITCH. this is so that your round increases by half as many stitches each time, for the first few rounds.
      After these first few rows, only increase where it states to. This way the round still increases but only a couple of stitches in each round.
      Hope this helps, and good luck.


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  127. Why don’t you include a printer-friendly version? When I printed this, it printed 35 pages – yes, that’s right, 35 pages, of which 32 pages were comments. The pattern itself came out on 3 pages, but it could have fit on 1 page. I wasted an awful lot of paper and ink on this one.

    • I never print straight from a site for exactly that reason. Why don’t you just copy paste the pertinent text onto a Word document and print that? It’s much more efficient for both your printer and your computer, since you aren’t having to download the web page.

  128. How can I print off your wonderful pattern without having to print off all of the comments? I want to make these beautiful cupcakes, as I have a granddaughter who is having a birthday this month, and cupcakes are her all time favorite food group.

  129. You were featured at my blog:! Be sure to stop by and grab your button!

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  131. You can specify how many pages you want to print, when you send the print job just print the first few pages and you won’t get all of the comments.

  132. Thank you very much for showing how you made these muffins.
    I had a lot of fun making them. If you want to you can come over to my blog to have a look at them.

  133. Please contact me, I was asked if I would translate your instructions into German, I would like to know if that is okay with you.

  134. Hello Hanna! Thanks for this Pattern, my English is not so good, but with the great translation of Katrin, it was wunderfull! The Muffins are super! loves greetings Uli from Germany

  135. hello, i made this muffins ​​after the german translation of Katrin.
    If you want, you can have a look here I would be glad!


  136. Hi!
    Thank you for a nice cupcake! I made i few change to the pattern – would it be ok if i post the pattern with changes in danish and link to your blog? I already made an entry with a link on my blog:

    Kind regards
    Camilla, Denmark

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  139. How do you make the sprinkles on the cupcake.

  140. What does the * mean?
    I don’t understand how you go from 12 to 18
    when you sc twice into next st

    • The asterisk means to repeat the sequence that just came before it, until you reach the end of the round. You go from 12 to 18 stitches because you repeat a sequence with an increase 6 times.
      Hope that makes more sense now. Happy crafting!

      • It also helps if you count the stitches or “v” shapes at the end of the round thy should add up to that number if not you added or decreased in the wrong spot.

  141. those cup cakes are easy and pretty I could aet them.. Do you stuffed them with anything.
    Thank you Raymonde

  142. You can also use them as pin cushions. Making them were fun, but sell them was the best.

  143. thanks so much for the pattern!!!! its sooo cute! im going to make it for my teacher at the end of the year since im graduating!!!

  144. Hi! I have been crocheting for a reasonable amount of time, and have never done amigurumi. How do you say that, anyway? Thank you for the pattern!

  145. Cuteeee!!!!!!! I want one!!

  146. Thanks for ypur pattern! had a great time making my fisrt “ami-cupcake”…i didi some color modifications…I´ll be making a lot of these cutties!. Here some pics:

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  148. Thanks very good for the pattern. I live in Thailand.

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  150. Can you put a pic of the cupcake??

  151. Your site has the cutest ideas! These are just adorable.

  152. I’m unsure how to sew together the two pieces together, can someone give me a bit of a run through how to? Thank you!

    • I did a mattress stitch goin under the bottom then the top I stuffed with cotton balls when I had an inch left. Make sure your stitches are tight or it make work loose.


  154. It helps to use a place holder such as a paper clip or locking stitch holder to help keep track of the rounds for the increases you can also use a G6 hook if you have tight yarn tension.

    • I use a safety pin, they are just as easy as the plastic stitch markers but are not as expensive and there are probably some around the house.

  155. Cute!! I have been looking for small cupcakes to make for my kids. They will LOVE these!

  156. Thanks for the pattern – super easy & super cute! I gave you a little link too ;)

  157. Thank you for sharing. They are so cute and yummy looking.

  158. How do you do the scalloped edges? Can someone explain that or post a link or something please? Thanks! Love these :)

  159. nevermind I understand now! :)

    • I lied… Do you do 5 doubles in the same single crochet? Then skip ONE single crochet and do 5 more doubles? That would end up with like 15 little ruffles and they aren’t very distinquished?

      • 5 doubles in the same stitch, skip the very next stitch, slip stitch into the NEXT stitch (next to the one you just skipped), slip stitch into the following stitch after that, rinse and repeat. :) Hope that helps!

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  163. These are TOO CUTE!!! I just learned to crochet a couple of months ago and I will definitely be making these! I also just started my own baking blog as well (like just a couple of days ago) so look at us using all these creative outlets :)

  164. So cute of them… I enjoy watching them.. I really want to do it but honest I don’t know how to do with instruction..I only know to do with a diagram patterns….

  165. Thanks so much for the” sweet” pattern, or should I say recipe! It’s -14f today here in Michigan so i’m staying in and crocheting/baking up some yarn cupcakes for my girls` valentines presents. yummmm, if only I could eat yarn!

  166. Hello I just want to say this is a wonderful looking pattern for cupcakes…Very simple and easy…Although its very confusing, since the stitches do not at up…..I have been crocheting since I was a 7 and have designed many things…Thought I would follow someone else crocheting recipe instead of creating my own…Wanted something quick and easy, that could be done in a matter of minutes..This seem like the ideal one…Easy, cute & colorful…But the stitches don’t add up from the very start…

    I can see how you can get 18 stitches out of 12, when you Sc 1, then 2 in that format with each stitch around…But on the 3rd row..There is no way you can get 24 stitches out of 18 if the pattern asks you to Sc2, and then twice again, into all stitches around….You will end up with 36 stitches.. Unless I am understanding something wrong here……Please! feel free to set the record straight….I will happily stand corrected…


  167. Hello again.. Its me China…I just want to say… I get what Hannah is saying in this pattern..Even an experienced crocheter like myself.. I too, can put more into something, than what it really is LOl…..Hannah has really made it cut & dry…Wow!..Its Cool!… I know its the simplicity of it, she had in mind…….But I see how this could be confusing for beginners….Who have left their comments behind…

    Anyway, thanks for Sharing Hannah…


  168. I was looking for something new to try to crochet and I found this pattern, it was very easy to follow. Thank-you for sharing your talent

  169. Beautiful! I plan on making these soon and using one for a pin cushion as I seen on another website. Thank you for the lovely pic and pattern.

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  171. Thank you so much! This is exactly what I needed for my niece’s first birthday party which was cupcake-themed. They turned out so well! :o)

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  173. Easy pattern, cute cupcakes.

  174. i made one of these this morning, stuffed it with steel wool and put my multi-colored straight pins in in . cute pin cushion for sure

  175. Reblogged this on AFriendLikeBen and commented:
    This is the pattern I used to make the cupcake I will post on here shortly. The pattern was nice and easy to follow. Thanks BitterSweet!

  176. These cupcakes are awesome – I love them! I have made a post about them on my Danish blog about crocheting for beginners. I have translated the recipe – and I have of course linked to your blog and I have not falied to mention you as the “chef” of the cupcakes. I hope this is OK? :-)

    Kind regards

  177. I was wanting to buy some cupcakes. Do you ever put catnip inside

    • I’m sorry to say that I don’t make or sell softies anymore. Putting some catnip inside your own homemade toys is a great idea though! Just make sure you leave the seed bead “sprinkles” off to keep it cat-safe.


  178. uhm hi i think there’s a little correction to make on frosting on the edging part. You have to work on 30sts right? So what I did was to *skip 1 sc, 5 sc on nx sc, sl st on nx sc** repeat * to ** ten time (worked on 30sts)
    So basically you’d be working on 30 sts around giving you 10 shell stitches for the edging :)
    btw I used mercerized cotton for this and I liked it very much. I’d be making lots of these as keychain holder. Thank you for sharing your pattern.

  179. Love these so much! Quick question on the cake part. Do you crochet in the back loops for only that row or for the rest of the cake? Thanks so much!

    • Yes, you’ve got it! Just one round where you need to crochet into the back loops, to make that sharp angle where the base of the cake is finished and begins to form the sides. Happy crafting!

  180. Thanks! I tried it both ways and keeping working in the back loops made a pretty ripple effect if you turn it out and use the other side. I also have a question on the top now. The scalloping doesn’t come out even when you get to the end. There’s no extra stitch to slip stitch into so it continues back into the first scallop and doesn’t look right. How did you get it to work?

    • It’s the strangest thing- It seems that some people run into problems with the scalloped edge lining up at the end, and some don’t. I really don’t know what to tell you about that one. I’m sorry! Worst comes to worst, you can always tie off the last one into the previous stitch.

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  184. How to I copy the instructions for Bake Me a Cake?

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  186. Too, too cute! I’d love to include them in a round up on my blog. May I have your permission to share a photo and a link back? Thanks so much!

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  188. I love these! How big are they? I made another one with a different pattern, and it’s huge, this looks like it might be smaller, able to fit in a sewing basket?

    Thanks for the help!

    • I’m not sure how big your sewing basket is, but I’d estimate that these end up slightly larger than a softball, or slightly larger than an actual cupcake, if that helps. Not huge, at least!

      • Thank you! I probably should’ve been more explicit… 5″ tall and 4″ in diameter is what I have at the moment. I shall try your pattern next and compare! ;) Thank you again, and for sharing your pattern talents with the world!

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  190. 2015 and I just FINALLY got around to plundering your patterns in style. I have also noticed that there are quite a few paid patterns out there bearing striking resemblances to your work. Love it all…pinned it ALL. Get back to crafting Ms Hannah, life is good if you can make something lovely. It goes a long way to reminding you that you are a very talented woman on so many facets. Love your work Ms Hannah. Quirky and out there as ever :)

    • My dear Narf, you are so much far too kind. I’m so touched that you would still take the time to root around through my archives, and even find things worth saving! It really has been too long since I’ve crafted and I really appreciate your encouragement. I certainly do still have plenty of ideas for new patterns… It’s just a matter of making them into tangible toys!

      • Crochet is “IN!” Ms Hannah. All of the very best (most hairy hipsters) are embracing the artisan craft of crochet and running amok. They, especially, would appreciate your quirky ability to wrangle some thread into perfect little representations of things that they could only hope to dream up with their less than stellar imaginations. You, ma’am, are the queen of invention. Can’t wait to see if you do make some more patterns and have my hooks at the ready for just such a fortuitous day :)

  191. I made a cupcake for a friend for her birthday. These are adorable! Your pattern was easy enough to follow. Thank you for making it available.

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