Melting for Sorbetto

Having just downed four pints of insanely good gelato, you would think that I couldn’t handle cracking open another container for weeks, but lo and behold, the very next day found me standing anxiously in front of the freezer, breaking into the remaining cartons. What can I say- I just love frozen desserts! Besides, if there was tempting sorbetto (otherwise known as sorbet) chilling out so nearby, I’m sure few people would leave it there for long, either.

Not one to wait around and waste time, I immediately uncovered the Strawberry sorbetto first, unveiling the most shockingly vivid red color ever seen in natural food. A screaming fire engine red, brighter than strawberries themselves, it was truly a hue worthy of admiration, giving me pause even as my appetite clamored for a taste. Scooping smoothly, straight into my mouth, I was blown away by the bright, clean, and authentic flavor. Tasting just of frozen strawberries but with a creamier texture and a healthy sprinkling of seeds, evidence of the real fruit was found throughout. As someone who prefers textured fruit preserves to slimy, jello-esque jam, it was a refreshing change of pace from those flat, unvaried and artificial offerings more commonly found on grocery store shelves. It’s so easy for a delicate berry like strawberry to translate poorly into other creations, tasting either too watery, weak or terribly fake, so this concoction was quite a delicious feat indeed.

Nestled between frozen peas and aging leftovers sat my next victim, the Lemon sorbetto. Finally clearing out enough room in my freezer to access this flavor, it was like unearthing a wonderful treasure that aroused my curiosity and hunger. White as snow without some false chemical coloring to give it that typical neon yellow tint, I could hardly discern any smell, making it quite an enigmatic, mysterious sorbet from afar. Digging in and letting it melt on my tongue, bright, tangy hits of citrus struck me at once. Sour but tempered by a serious sweetness, it reminded me of those classic Italian ices I used to enjoy at carnivals many years ago. Wonderfully and intensely lemon by all accounts, this mouth-puckering sensation might be too much for the kids, but it is an excellent option for the more sophisticated palate looking for a taste of childhood.

Continuing with the citrus theme, it only made sense to try out the Orange flavor directly afterwards in order to compare and contrast. Noticing that it felt a bit softer and creamier as I scooped out a serving, it was no surprise that it felt a bit smoother than the previous as well. Mellower than the lemon, the citrus flavor was definitely pronounced without any sort of sour bite to speak of. Taking a page more from tangerines than oranges, this light and almost flowery sorbet was a delight to eat. Wonderfully light, it was easy to eat on a hot day or in any other weather for that matter. I’m sure that all members of the family would agree on this flavor as well, catering to a whole spectrum of tastes with a deliciously simple, uncomplicated, and straight-forward fresh flavor.

My tasting menu of frozen desserts was finally coming to an end as only one last container remained. How I wish that I could simply keep pulling new cartons out of my freezer endlessly! Reality bites, and soon enough I went ahead and took a bite out of that final flavor, the Raspberry sorbet. It’s a good thing that I didn’t delay sampling it for too long as this deep, dark red delight knocked my socks off! Seedless unlike the strawberry, there was nothing to distract the tongue from its intense berry flavor. Having eaten my weight in raspberries this season, I think I know a good rendition when I taste it and a spoonful of this stuff was absolute heaven- All that was missing was the experience of picking the berries straight from their bushes. Slightly tart, vaguely floral, and perfectly refreshing, it was the perfect ending to an amazing series of frozen desserts.

If you’re tired of artificial, lack-luster snack foods and are looking for real food that’s really delicious, look no further. Blackwell’s makes some of the best sorbetto that I have ever enjoyed, tasting just like creamy, frozen versions of each individual fruit flavor. Perhaps it’s a good thing that I don’t have such easy access to these products, because I don’t know that I would ever be able to stop eating them otherwise!

[Written for Go Dairy Free]

9 thoughts on “Melting for Sorbetto

  1. I’m already planning on purchasing the gelato (coffee, vanilla, and peanut butter flavors), and now I know which sorbetto flavors to purchase – thanks again for revealing these products!!! they are vegan dessert lifesavers!! :0)

  2. Your pictures and descriptions are amazing, Hannah. I’ve bveen checking out the product sites and although I can’t have the gelato, I’m happy that I can have the sorbetto! They both look and sound amazing though! You do a great job!

  3. OHHHHH, those are SO cool and refreshing looking..just gorgeous pics…
    I know feel like raiding our local grocery store of ALL its lovely gelatos..they carry a great selection..

  4. Those are excellent pictures of gelato – you should consider publishing them in a royalty-free photo sharing site to make some additional money, like istockphoto or stockxpert. Very well done.

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