Rainy Days

Eyes fluttering open after another average night of sleep, and I awaken to darkness. Rising before the sun quite often, this isn’t terribly unusual, but a glance at my digital clock tells me otherwise: Completely blank, without a single glowing number to speak of, it was then that I took notice of the ruckus outside. Torrents of raindrops splattered fitfully against the roof, punctuated by the intermittent low growl of thunder, creating a disorganized orchestra right outside my window. My heart sank as I put the pieces of the puzzle together – While we had been sleeping soundly, this malevolent storm had knocked out the power.

At times like these when I can’t power up my coffee maker in the morning, it feels as though the clouds themselves are against me. Gathering high above in an unsmiling army, they drop bombs instead of water, and I’m left high and dry even in the midst of all this rain. Batteries only last so long, and electrical comforts such as the microwave and overhead lights are temporarily out of commission. I don’t even want to know how the garden is looking now, soil overturned and washed away by the pounding rain, plants probably downing in a veritable ocean of fresh water… No, those poor weeds-aspiring-to-be-vegetables can not be doing well.

With nary a light to guide my stumbling fingers, rushing to get this post out before my laptop’s batteries give out on me too, it’s hard for me to see the benefit of such an aggravating natural occurrence. Of course, not all rainstorms are like this…

Sharing their water drops with the plant life and wild life alike, these kinder, gentler storms wouldn’t knock a single leaf from an ailing tree. Warm and inviting, it’s wonderful to curl up and knit inside as rhythmic tapping of raindrops provides ample background music. Instead of taking away such basic commodities as electrical lights, such unobtrusive clouds would never selfishly steal our electricity, only passing through without causing a commotion and moving along like a gracious guest.

How dearly I miss such gentle weather patterns… Unfortunately, it’s all up to mother nature, and today we’re stuck with these destructive, unhappy storm clouds. If you’re still waiting to get an email from me later today… You’ll know why.

[Rain cloud pattern from Mochi Mochi Land]

17 thoughts on “Rainy Days

  1. aww, these rainclouds and raindrops are so delightful; if only they didn’t cause such a raucous outside, haha. we had such TERRIBLE weather here yesterday, and it’s expected to be like that all week (92 degree temperatures with sever thunderstorms and lightning. fabulous!! um, not).

    luckily my power didn’t go out (I hate that, since I depend on electricity for practically everything, haha), but I hope yours stays on. you’ve succeeded in creating yet another innovative, imaginative set of crafts and stories :0)

  2. Oh how perfect! I love Mochi Mochi patterns, I’ve made up several of them already. I really love your clouds!

  3. Love the two kinds..awww!
    Here we could do with some; it looks like the rain is coming back…

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