Back to Store-Bought

Local raspberry bushes have finally coughed out their last red rubies and there’s no other choice than to buy the plastic wrapped, pesticide-coated fruits from the store again. While they may look lovely in the early morning light right here, they were shockingly bland and mushy. I guess my palate has been spoiled by the delicious raspberries we picked just a block or two away.

6 thoughts on “Back to Store-Bought

  1. It is sad to say goodbye to the yummy local organic produce. But somehow I’m sure you could whip up some wonderful concoction even with the worst of fruit!

  2. You know, we found that with blueberries here.
    We have our own delicious organic ones happily stored in the freezer but felt like we wanted some more so I bought some at our local grocery store.. They WEREN’T organic, but looked lovely BUT, like your raspberries, they were horridly tasteless and a bit too ripe,…,
    Yes your raspberries will still be good in muffins or a delicious dessert!

  3. oh i know…
    once you have tasted the glory of fresh rasberries, there is truly no going back.
    they are so weak and flavorless in comparison, it’s quite hard to believe.

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