Fire Starter

Humidity is my number one enemy right now, battling me from the moment I wake up, relentlessly provoking me throughout the day, and even interrupting my sleep just to torture me further. Summer wouldn’t be nearly so bad if this muggy, suffocating moisture didn’t stick around like a wet leaf, but alas, such is the atmosphere in this neck of the woods. Sometimes it’s enough to make me reconsider living on the opposite coast, where the temperatures certainly rise but the saturation of the air sure doesn’t. There’s always a trade off though, as is evident by the raging forest fires that result from all that intense, dry heat- All jokes aside, there are currently 44 active blazes out west! Despite all the evidence that seems to point to the atmospheric conditions, I think that those conflagrations aren’t all the work of a cruel mother nature, who so often takes the blame, but in fact the mischief of a much smaller source.

Trying his best to be inconspicuous but still in plain view, I noticed a small creature unlike any I had ever seen before huddled near a box of matches. Sporting beautiful little wings and rough, scaly skin punctuated by snow white horns, this fellow was no garden-variety animal that you might normally find in these parts. Wracking my brain, trying desperately to recount where I might have seen such a beast before, a light bulb moment came and passed in an instant. No way could this tiny thing be a bona fide dragon, could he? Moreover, why on earth was he playing with matches?

Moving as quietly as I could in his direction, it took only a quietly snapping twig beneath my shoes to draw his attention, whipping his head around to meet me square in the eye. Catching me by surprise with this sudden motion, it was impossible to so much as greet the little guy let alone inquire about his activities with my heart in my throat. As he held his firepower threateningly, I started having second thoughts about marching up so nonchalant. Had he wanted, the whole backyard could have been set ablaze in seconds, nevermind the damp heat surrounding us. Looking on with fear as he fumbled with the match, a terrifying moment passed before I realized why he was holding onto this unlit torch in the first place- Not even the thinnest whisps of smoke were escaping his lips, no matter how hard he huffed and puffed in attempts to breath fire.

Backing up a step, I could now see that he was no more than a wee baby dragon, and poor little fellow couldn’t yet figure out his natural skills for creating infernos. Trying to make up for his lack in natural talent, he had somehow gleaned those human tools from careless campers nearby, and was hard at work trying to learn something from them. I’m certain that he meant no harm, but how easily his harmless experimentation could have ended up as a horrible accident! Luckily, it didn’t take much pursuasion for him to drop his “weapons” and retreat into the safety of the woods, back at square one without the learning curve of a flame in action.

Now, maybe I’m going out on a limb to say this, but perhaps there are just more dragons out west trying to figure out how to breathe fire and having the practice go horribly awry. This was the first time I had seen such a thing, and we never have forest fires around here after all!

24 thoughts on “Fire Starter

  1. the dragon is absolutely incredible – once again, I love the little story you included about him!! so imaginative/creative. I would love to purchase one of these dragons that you made – they’re phenomenal!! and on a side note, I’m going to go to Whole Foods today and purchase some ZenSoy to try :0)

  2. Aw, that is the cutest little dragon and I love your story – another proof of your amazing talent. I’m always glad when I stop by here. :)

  3. He is SOOO cute! My boys would love him. They are really into dragons at the moment (having just seen Shrek the Third). My oldest also enjoys a show called “Jane and the Dragon” which is on TV at the moment.
    Had to laugh at him playing with the matches :-)

  4. That is SO adorable! You’re going to persuade me, a knitter, to crochet just to make one. =)

  5. Ooo, I know this little dragon, one of his cousins is in residence with me. She would love to have wings too, mind sharing how your fellow got his?

  6. how adorable!!! he has the same sweet look as my stuffed animal dragon… not scary at all! : )

    i sympathize with you over the weather… just being outside saps my energy. not to mention that it turns my hair into one big frizzball!

  7. I love all of your animals and the stories that go with them. It’s hard to decide which I appreciate more, but I think I’ll go for a tie. I’ve missed reading them, but I’m back now, and it’s time to catch up! ;D

  8. OMG, I love you blog. I came from Ravelry to see the baby bird pattern but I love all of your other stuff and the stories that go with them. Please say that you are making the baby dragon pattern available. I have a 10yo who loves dragons. This would make the coolest Valentines Day gift for him. Thanks for sharing. Lisa

  9. hi

    I think your doing a great job. I have the same problem as you.. I get one started and then dont get back to it. I just have to stop doing that.

    you have lots of cute things.. Keep up the good work.

  10. wow – love it. i dont suppose someone could point me in the right direction to find this pattern – i’ll even pay for it!!

    i love your work.. crochet, knit, stories – i love it all!!

  11. No way. No freaking way. I have never seen such an adorable handmade dragon – and believe me, I’ve looked. This one actually looks like the creature it’s supposed to be. And I love how it has the little match. Awwww… your stories about those critters make me laugh.

  12. firstly, I congratulate you for your beautiful creations!. I want to know if you can tell me where to buy these eyes that you use for amigurumis. I live in Argentina and are not sold here. thank you very much. greetings!

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