Independence Daze

Happy 4th of July everyone! I’m really not patriotic, so red, white and blue sprinkles are about as far as I go with this holiday.  Nonetheless, I hope you all enjoy plenty of tofu hotdogs, veggie burgers, and of course, vegan cupcakes to celebrate today!

8 thoughts on “Independence Daze

  1. Hey Hannah! Got your package! Loved them! I did not realize I was going to be on vacation this week. I will mail yours as soon as I come back (over the weekend), as I am spending 5 days with another food blogger!

  2. Another beautiful, delicious looking photo I see. Hope your day was a nice one and that you got to enjoy some of the treats you made.

  3. They look yummy to me :) I had your soon to be famous rocky road bars for my 4th of July treat! They were soooo gooey and yummy :)

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