I Scream for Ice Cream

If you’ve been keeping an eye on my Flickr photostream, you may have started to notice a recurring theme lately: Ice cream. Ever since first discovering that delicious vegan ice cream really exists, I simply can’t get enough of the stuff. Whether purchasing new flavors on the market, trying new brands, churning my own, or dreaming up recipes to use it in, (milkshakes, ice cream cakes, frozen pies!) I am just entirely enamoured with this chilly delight. Guilty of consuming about a pint a day, including some amazing ice cream sandwiches, I think I’m making up for all the years of lacking this particular dessert in record time.

With numerous pints of the stuff taking up real estate in my freezer and occupying prime space in my mind, it was inevitable that my new-found love for the creamy treat would translate itself into yarn. What I didn’t expect, however, was that it would happen by accident. Beginning with the pattern for the “Sundae Oh La La Cheesecake,” (scroll down to the bottom) I had absolutely no intention of making an ice cream replica… But somehow, when it was all said and done, it was undeniable that this was no “cheesecake” but my frozen fixation manifesting itself once again.

And who am I to fight such an obvious fit? Nestled into a waffle bowl, it is right at home next to the a real container of dairy-less delight, begging only for a spoon. Although this version might leave a fuzzy taste in your mouth, at least it is guaranteed not to melt, even on the hottest of summer days!

13 thoughts on “I Scream for Ice Cream

  1. Your ice cream treat looks so yummy and edible. You have a unique talent for bringing your crochet work to life, Hannah. I’ve never seen such creativity before. I am behind in my comments on your beautiful little ducks and the confused critter. They are gorgeous!

    Thank you for sharing your Rocky Road treat recipe and being so generous with all your recipes and patterns.

  2. I TOTALLY need one of those for my “collection”! That is AWESOME. Have not had time to make the rocky road bars but will certainly give you my review when I try them :)

  3. This is adorable!! I am new to your blog , just wanted to say how much I enjoyed reading your blog . I will be putting it on my favorites list. :)

  4. i’m an icecreamaholic…lol.. raspberry is one of my favorite!! and this one looks so tasty……….. :P

  5. Have you published a book? I bet you could, even self-publish on one of those buyer print out after purchase sites. Your writing is entertaining, your pictures are first-rate, and the things you design are compelling and original.

    Your blog is a joy to read. Thank you!

  6. My mouth is watering! I totally agree with wendi, you should publish a book. Your stuff totally reminds me of that sweet Japanese crochet book with the crocheted layer cake topped with strawberries on the cover.

  7. I know why some of the rest of us don’t have any talent. I think they gave it all to you when it was getting passed out! Honestly, your crochet work is both whimsical and realistic, your writing is smooth and fun, and your photography is crisp and artsy. Wow. No fair. (don’t mind me – I’m just jealous – but that won’t stop me from coming over to admire all your handiwork! ;) )

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