Confused Critters

Looking outside right now, it could very easily appear to be April, or even March perhaps; Rain and clouds all day for weeks on end would be perfectly appropriate for spring showers, but here we are on the very cusp of summer itself and yet it lingers on as though time had never passed it by. Of course, the transition into summer had to be an awkward one, since all of the seasons seem either to overstay their welcome, or skip out early. Maybe it’s just this screwed up town I live in, or even just this house- I swear, some days I’ll be out at school, enjoying gorgeous sunshine, only to return home and discover that the sky suddenly opened up overhead and proceeded to pound the earth with so much rain that we end up with a swimming pool where our front yard used to be. No matter, I wouldn’t mind so much if it weren’t disturbing plans for picnics and outdoor parties that should be seasonally appropriate at this point. But even worse, I think that the screwy weather in beginning to take its toll on the poor animals as well.

At first glance it would be easy enough to mistake this little critter for a simple ladybug, crawling amongst the flowers. Upon closer inspection however, it becomes fairly clear that this is no insect at all, but actually a feline! Call me crazy, but I don’t think that normal, well-adjusted cats spend much time buzzing around bushes in ladybug garb. I only had so much time to snap this photo before it saw me and tried to fly off in fright, instead managing to sort of fall inconspicuously to the base of the plant. Clearly those wings weren’t made for flying!

Now, as confused as I may be about the outside conditions, I don’t think you’ll find me sitting in any trees trying to become airborne! I just hope that for the animals’ sake things clear up, and fast, before any other creatures get it in their heads that they are better suited as some other species!

3 thoughts on “Confused Critters

  1. Very cute. Totally reminds me of the “Wuzzles”!!!!! Do you remember them? Or are you too young? I used to love this one that was like part lion-part bee or something!

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