Magnificent Melons

June is the month of melons, and as the days of May quickly fall by the wayside, grocery store shelves are beginning to fill with a tempting vision of things to come. Summer melons of all colors, shapes, and sizes are poised right by the entrance, captivating unsuspecting shoppers with their fragrant aromas, reassuring the wary that it’s not too early in the season to find a nice ripe specimen. These same stunts are pulled all year round by various fruits too eager to ripen within their designated harvesting time, but melons just may be the hardest to resist. Even a “bad” melon is usually alright, and a good melon can make a mockery of even the sweetest desserts.

Ensnared by the alluring sight of those rounded orbs, I found myself drawn to the voluptuous pile of watermelons as if by magnetism. These beauties are my definition of summer’s bounty, and in the warmer months it isn’t such a rarity for me to go through the juicy red flesh of an entire melon unassisted. Thumping on the green skin gently like a love tap, I happened upon the most lovely watermelon of the whole assembly, and wasted no time helping it into my waiting cart.

Back at home, this spherical beauty was the first thing to receive any attention, even before my other purchases of produce and various boxes were squared away. Slicing the supple flesh with care, my mouth watered at the sight of its lush interior and the sweet juices hemorrhaging onto the counter. I was almost through portioning my prize, when one rather unusual slice caught my eye.

A closer inspection revealed that there was indeed something very different about this slice, so unusual that it was hard to believe my own eyes. I mean, I’ve always considered some fruits, like bananas, to have natural “zippers”, but this was ridiculous!

Opening the little pocket wide with little protest from the flexible exterior, I wondered what sort of strange, unnatural phenomenon must have occurred to create this aberration! Without missing a beat after this mostly rational thought, I questioned what on earth you might keep inside a watermelon to begin with!

Nonetheless, the remainder of my delcious melon was promptly eaten without consequence, and the curious purse still resides in the kitchen, waiting to be put to use… How, I don’t know, but at the very least I can rest assured that it’s all natural! All the same, after such an experience it would probably be smart to examine my slices more carefully from now on! Hopefully June’s melons will only get better compared to this demented one.

10 thoughts on “Magnificent Melons

  1. Oh that melon purse is lovely. Is this one of your patterns? If it’s not then I may just have to try and ‘wing’ making one for myself – it would be great to have such a funky little purse for summer.

  2. I’m with Jessica on this, My mom had a pattern like this for a potholder, but a purse would be such a darling summer accessory. I’ve never put lining in anything before, but I just may have to figure it out for this.

  3. The watermelon purse looks edible! After your food book is published and a bestseller, you need to create ar book of all your designs.

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