Special Delivery

Sitting in front of a veritable buffet of text books and my binder that is spread wide open, like the gasping mouth of a fish, I tried fruitlessly one afternoon to tackle some of the assignments that accumulated over the past few days. Looking more like some gruesome 40-car pile up than overdue homework, a macabre scene of torn pages, crumpled paper, and illegible handwriting sprawl across the table for as far as the eye could see. The damage was too great to comprehend; Nothing could be done but gawk mindlessly like a deer caught in the headlights. Immediately my eyes glazed over and my chances of fighting my way out of this mess were reduced to somewhere around slim to none, but all the same, nothing would move me from that seat. It had to be done! Painful and horrific as my homework situation had become, it would only get worse if I didn’t face it. Lifting pen to paper, I prepared to forge my way through this literary jungle, when…

Diingg Doonnggg.

Focus shattered in an instant, I was up on my feet before my harried mind could complete even one sentence. Stunned and disoriented from the sudden interruption, I wondered for a moment if perhaps the oven timer had gone off, as it was extremely rare to have visitors come unannounced. Confirming that the oven was cold and unoccupied, my confusion only grew as I warily made my way towards the front door to investigate. Homework now completely forgotten, I clutched the knob with trepidation and yanked quickly, peering out of the small crack for safety. Opening the door further to get a better look, all that was to been seen was the bright sunshine playing on sparkling blades of grass and bees busily flying about. Ashamed of my runaway imagination, I cast my eyes down towards my feet… And that’s when I saw who rang.

Nestled into a snug little basket was a newborn kitten, so young that she was still pink all over. Putting on a brave face, not a sound escaped her quivering lips, but I could clearly see that she was terrified of this monster that she now faced. The poor thing, having done nothing more than be born didn’t deserve to be dumped by the wayside just because her selfish owner didn’t care enough to let her mature with the guidance of her mother. How awful I felt, towering over this bundle of innocence, with nothing more than inquisitive stares to give!

Kneeling slowly to come down to her eye level, I knew that there was no way I could refuse shelter to this helpless kitten even if I had wanted to.

Without a single reserve, I escorted her into her new home. Adopting the new position as her caretaker in stride, I quickly extricated her from that claustrophobic basket and gave her a soft cushion to rest on. The relief on her face was quite evident – I can only imagine what horrors she had to endure in her short few days on this earth already. Hopefully I can still turn things around, taking as much care of her as possible. And maybe one day she will return the favor… And eat some of my homework so that I have an excuse for not having it!

5 thoughts on “Special Delivery

  1. Love this kitty! She has the dutest face! Now did you get the pattern from a book or did you make this kitty from your pattern? You are just a very talented girl! A jack of all trades!! Your blog is one of the very few that I still read! I always have to come and check out what you have been doing! Thanks for all the great blogging you do!

  2. Little pink kitty is a darling and she has such an adorable face! Your story was captivating. I couldn’t imagine what was going to happen when you opened that door.

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