Sweet Rewards

Wow. All I can say is just wow. Thank you all so much for responses – The sheer volume of opinions, suggestions, support, and general input was more than I could have hoped for in my wildest dreams! The votes still need to be tallied, and all manner of proposals taken into consideration before the cover design moves forward to the next step, but I think that there is at least one clear-cut winner for the font… I bet that you can figure that one out, too!

In the kitchen the other day while playing around with new recipes as usual, my thoughts kept drifting back to all you wonderful people offering such a service to me without any reserve, and wishing that there was some way I could share these sweets with you guys. After all of the help that I’ve received, I figured that it’s only common courtesy to offer some sort of token of my appreciation, too. Sitting so invitingly on the counter, the fresh pastries were practically begging me to share them with all of you deserving readers. That is why I’m so excited about writing a cookbook in the first place; So that I can share all of these delicious goodies with absolutely everyone, near or far.

Still, with the tentative release date so far off, that certainly wouldn’t suffice for this situation. Why not send some sweet treat out anyways? I pondered aloud, picking out the most luscious strawberry tartlette of the batch and setting it aside. The only reason I have this opportunity is because of the blog and all those kind enough to stop in, so thanks are definitely due. I know that this doesn’t even begin to cover it, but I thought it might be fun if I tossed out a little raffle for everyone who put in their two cents about the cover. So, after randomly drawing a number to correspond with one lucky commenter, it seems that my tiny tart will be going to…

Ren!! Congrats, this little trinket will be headed your way asap! Expect an email from me shortly!

Don’t be disappointed if you weren’t chosen – I hope to hold more random raffles like this in the future to continue saying “thanks” to everyone kind enough to make their presence known, so stick around! There are bound to be lots of treats looking for stomaches, and sweet creatures looking for good homes!

7 thoughts on “Sweet Rewards

  1. that is such a cute tart! and the whole sending it to someone idea is really neat!! :)
    ive been trying to make something similar, since its my moms birthday in about 2 weeks and she just loved this site http://www.normalynn.info i dont know if youve seen it yet, but its really cute!
    i love your little crocheted things. and the pictures of youre cakes and all…they just look so delicious it makes me want to eat my screen!! lol :D

  2. how exciting that a cookbook is coming out!

    my brother has decided to try out vegetarianism (not quite vegan yet) and i’ve recommended your blog to him and my mom, who already pretty much is vegetarian. But how exciting that you’re coming out with a cookbook! will it be alld esserts, or will there be other food in it too? b/c i’m no good with desserts, but i’d love to have more of your recommendations for vege food!

  3. A tartlet I can safely eat without needing some insulin to cover it!! I keep meaning to knit myself some yummy treats to sublimate my occasional wish for real ones!

  4. I stumbled across this by accident and loved it, we have a prayer blanket crochet ministry at my church and I would love to make these for our Ladies for a special treat, I think they would Love them…..They are so precious ! thank You

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