Natural Beauty

Hearing that the forecast for today would be warm and sunny, I instantly felt that I was coming down with something serious… Another bad case of senioritis, to be sure. Since senior skip day is still a full week away, I figured it would only be reasonable not to push myself and tough it out, but take a little break and stay home instead. Such a hard decision to make, too.

Lured away from kitchen where I was trialing another new recipe by the brilliant sunlight streaming in through open windows, I simply couldn’t resist the flowers that sparkled like gems just outside. Camera in hand, I noodled about while cookies cooled on the counter, smelling the sweet smells of spring instead of sugar for once. Entranced as I was by the magnificent pinks, purples, yellows, and all other shades and species of blossoms out there, it turned out that my favorite pictures were of a much more humble dandelion. Returning indoors to survey my findings in better focus on the computer screen, I was rendered breathless when I saw the beauty captured in such a common weed. I hadn’t planned to post any of this today, but I can’t help myself; There’s no way I could keep this amazing find to myself!

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