Mean, Green, and Crunchy

Thanks to modern technology, the processes by which even the simplest foods are made today tend to resemble industrial procedures much more than standard cookery. In countless factories across the country, questionable materials and chemicals are manufactured with the express purpose of being added into edibles, usually with little warning given to the consumer. Such practices reveal the evil potential for scientific experiments gone awry; Reason enough to eschew processed food altogether, without even considering the lacking nutritional content. Increasingly rare is the attempt to use advanced technologies for the greater good of a nation hungry for real food, but there are still some valiant souls who strive to put a better face on the typically intimidating and even threatening masses of machinery. What’s truly impressive are the ideas in this field being executed by Crispy Green, especially considering the end results.

Dried fruit is nothing new, as the peoples of all imaginable origins have been laying fresh fruits in the sun to dehydrate for centuries, without a single piece of special equipment necessary. Recently though, a new interpretation of the word “dried” has been taking this prehistoric practice by storm; Freeze-dried is the hottest thing since solar power, apparently. Employing special drying chambers and a good amount of labor, freeze-drying fruit isn’t the sort of thing you’d be able to do in your own home, which is a large selling point for this product in my eyes. Baking mixes and frozen meals are handy, but I’m perfectly capable of replicating them on my own, so I can easily do without them. Crispy fruits, though… Although it sounds standard, boring, and simple, it’s amazing what a little dose of science will do.

Pictured here are 3 out of 4 of the fruits available [I’m not a real fan of peaches in general, so that one was the odd man out], and let me tell you, the believable flavor packed into each tiny piece more than makes up for their unassuming appearance. I’m not kidding when I say the flavors are intense – Each new bite produced a jolt of bright, concentrated sweetness, so pure and unadulterated that it made me wonder how it could all fit into such a small package. Each little baggie holds only .36 ounces of actual consumables, a fact that I found unappealing at first, but the quality of those contents far outweighs that meager measurement. Excellent for health nuts and those striving towards a healthier lifestyle alike, everyone can appreciate how substantial the slices feel without carrying a hefty caloric content as well. Great for a quick snack on the go or a re-energizer before a workout, these crunchy fruit slices provide a wonderful burst of energy and flavor.

If you’re still confused about how each of these may taste, just go to your local grocery or farmer’s marker and take a bite of an apple, apricot, pineapple, or peach. Now, just imagine that taste being 100x times more powerful. There’s no other way to describe these than to compare them to the actual fruits they came from, and I am personally overjoyed by that. With all of the things that can go wrong through processing, these delicious gems have come out completely unscathed, and perhaps all the better for it.

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