A Lighter Shade of Pale

Emerging from dark caves after a long long winter, deprived of the luxury of warmth and sunlight for so many months on end, it’s no wonder that many members of the human species can appear to be as washed-out as authentic albinos. Stretching anemic limbs out in the renewed day light now that spring has taken hold of the solar procession, one might envy the thick fur of many animals; If only hiding such sallow skin tone was as easy for mankind! While I personally have no problem with sporting the palest coloring of anyone I know, the trend to tan oneself to the point of resembling burnt toast has taken hold of many, compelling hundreds of these bleached bodies to seek out the tanning salons, and fast, before someone sees them without their unnatural orange glow.

Truly, the idea of inviting skin cancer with open arms like that escapes me, but perhaps I’m too far out of the loop to understand the obsession. Even so, there’s nothing wrong with being a bit pale – Beneath their bright coats, many animals are just as pasty, too!

Case in point, this sweet little giraffe may not be the brightest crayon in the box, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have lustrous personality. Picked on for her appearance at a young age, she grew up much faster than any blossoming calf should have to; A brief conversation will prove her maturity beyond the shadow of a doubt. Strong as she is though, it hasn’t ever been easy for her to make friends within the circle of more colorful giraffes that are so popular in school. They all look at her differently, with disdain, as if it was her fault that she was born into such an unusual form.

Sadly, for all of her determination, she was treated as an outcast all the same. It was as if she was nothing more than diluted lemonade, unpalatable to taste and unpleasing to the eye. Truly, a lemon stripped of all its outer zest was still more vibrant from their prejudiced view point!

What cruel, cruel fate has destined both unfortunate souls to suffer the slings and arrows of those biased by the color of their skin! Little do those judgemental children know what treasures they conceal on the inside; Unassuming as it may be from the outside, who could guess what marvelously tart juice the lemon still contains? The giraffe as well – For it takes more than a superficial glance to know what an amazing friend she could prove to be.

For now, they have no choice but to wait for those ignorant associates to grow up and see their errors… But at least they can take comfort knowing that they are not alone.

3 thoughts on “A Lighter Shade of Pale

  1. I just wanted to delurk and say that I love your blog – I love the cute little animals and your stories. Your posts always make me smile.

  2. Oh that little giraffe is just the sweetest creature! I love all your creations but this one is adorable. and you are right – pale is OK.

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