Turtle Crossing

Coasting along in the back the family car yesterday, I gazed out the window, blankly observing the same familiar backdrop pass by. It was a path that we had taken so frequently, I could probably have guessed at the outside surroundings with my eyes closed. This time however, in my state of semi-consciousness, there was one detail that was so glaringly out of place, I seriously doubted my sanity for a moment. Once astonished words were exchanged with my parents riding up front, there was no question that what I perceived was in fact correct, and the dutiful driver spun the car around so fast that I nearly got whiplash.

Why did the turtle cross the road? Well I can’t begin to tell you, but I can confirm that he really did! Call me naive, but before this incident I had never seen a real turtle in the “wild,” and his presence truly amazed me. Sporting powerful claws and tail that seemed mismatched to such a slow moving creature, I was almost afraid to get too close. Everything about him looked liked it belonged in a prehistoric era, a tangible reminder of days beyond our writings and memories.

Once he had removed himself from the actual road, we figured that he should be capable of making it back home safely; For a creature so ancient, I’m sure he had a good deal of real-life experience under his shell.

4 thoughts on “Turtle Crossing

  1. What? No crocheted replica?

    I loved your picture anyway… Turtles are one of my favorite creatures even though they are considered “dirty” animals. Wow, heshe looks kind of big. Do you know what kind of turtle that is?

  2. oh my! you know what I learned this year? The only way that turtles die instantly is if they are decapitated. So turtles that get hit on the road, they kind of drag themselves out of the way but they may be paralyzed and end up dying of hunger thirst. but it could take up to two months.

    a bit of a downer.

    but this turtle looks like an enormous, healthy, ancient beast!

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