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Where has the time gone? Already saying a hasty farewell to April vacation, I can hardly believe I even had a full week during which I could do as I pleased, although it’s even harder to believe that now I’m expected to return to school again. Call it senoritis if you wish, but it’s just so difficult to get motivated when I look down at my full binder, literally bursting at the seams in order to carry its burden of loose-leaf, hand-outs, and assignments. We’ve all been there, I’m sure, so I really must commend any of those studious types out there who so diligently attend every class, and even do the unthinkable – Actually study for tests. Really, I kid you not; Those people do exist!

Although it would seem that this rare breed is becoming endangered and their numbers rapidly dwindle as one climbs higher up the ladder of education, I was comforted to see my favorite bookworm had made it through the break with just as much desire to learn as before. Observing him wait patiently at his bus stop as per usual, it was a clear sign that class was truly back in session.

Backpack loaded down with books and strapped snugly over his shoulders, I was embarrassed to look at my own load that now seemed as inconsequential as a single sheet of paper by comparison. His dedication is quite astounding; Only two months away from graduation and he still acts as though every grade counts.

You know… Maybe I don’t envy his blind obedience towards such a rigid, uncompromising system. That glazed over look in his eyes… I know it’s not due to his ambivalence about giving up the freedom of vacation, but instead the residual effect of endless stress and worry over getting straight A’s. Sure, I would love to get grades like he does… But not so much that I would place all of my self-worth on some ultimately meaningless letter, no more special than any of the other 25 in the alphabet. Call it senioritis, perhaps… But I think that I’m just looking forward to the future instead of getting stuck in the present.

Turning the corner to continue on my way to the train station, I gave a silent greeting to my most studious acquaintance. Hopefully he too will be able to relax in the coming days… Grades aren’t everything, after all.

4 thoughts on “Back to School

  1. I hadn’t heard the term ‘senioritis’ but it explains clearly what I went through in my senior year of high school, as did most of my classmates (and this was in 1968). I couldn’t wait to finish my last term and begin working full time, while other mates were looking forward to college & uni in Sept. I think this is a common experience, and not just with school but other situations where a change is imminent.

    I love little bookworm, esp. his backpack and red hat!

    ps: I just realized by typing 1968 that next June, I will have been graduated from high school for 40 years. ohmygosh.

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