…Out Like a Lamb

Wait a moment, what did you say? I must have misheard you, because I could have sworn that you said something about March having already ended… Oh, it’s no misunderstanding? This March truly did go out like a lamb then, because in all of the hustle and bustle going about in the kitchen, I probably could have gone on for days without noticing its absence!

My wooly friend here is living the good life, with tons of vibrant young grass to munch on, and the occasional treat of new sprouts just barely peeking their heads above the soil. Days grow longer and he grows fuzzier, getting ready to shed his winter coat for the year. I warned him not to get too ahead of himself though, as cooperation from the weather is not yet a guarantee – In fact, some crazy forecasts still insist that snow is due in our area next Monday!

Alas, were my little lamb half-way across the world in Japan, snow would be the furthest thing from his mind. Just as March came to a close, Hanami season has begun, as gorgeous pink sakura blossoms go through their brief but intense life cycles all over the country. Who wouldn’t love to experience that, and for this guy in particular, taste that too? Even for us humans, sakura mochi and other sweet treats that utilize this brilliant flower are a definite draw.

Well, can you believe it, I will actually get a chance to see the sakura in person this year! A brief, last-minute trip, I’ll be leaving for Japan on the 7th and returning late on the 11th. No snow for me this time around! Not wanting anyone to worry, I thought it would only be fair to explain my absence in advance, although I still plan on blogging up until my departure. Any suggestions for activities or sights to see? This will be my third time in Tokyo, but my first opportunity to wander the streets alone at my leisure.

Perhaps I should bring the lamb with me so he can taste the sakura for himself!

6 thoughts on “…Out Like a Lamb

  1. I love your amigurumi! This little lamb is so cute! I’m sure he (or she) would be a hit in Japan!

    Enjoy the sakura! (The blossoms are beautiful, but the drunken karaoke -singers might make you wish for snow…) I haven’t spent a lot of time in Tokyo, but Ueno park should be really pretty this time of year (and Asakusa is one of my favorite places to walk around — the little market street is so cool!)

    Your other creatures are really awesome & I love their stories!

  2. What a sweet little lamb, I love lambs and sheep.

    That’s wonderful about Japan. What area of Japan are you going to? The photos of sakura are beautiful enough so I wonder what they must be like in person! Anyway… have a safe and happy trip, have fun and enjoy the Hanami season. I hope you have many picnics under the beautiful trees (Perhaps you could show us some photos when you get back!??)

  3. What a cutie! This lamb looks so familiar to me, where’d you get the pattern? Well, I wish you a happy and fun trip! I must admit, I’m a smidge jealous.:)

  4. Hello Hannah–

    On Mondays, I work with your mom at NSS, and each week I look forward to yet another vegan delight in the teachers’ lounge. Everything is SO delicious, and I loved this morning’s Pumpkin Pecan Pie. It was yummy. My Hanna (19) is a vegetarian, and I find myself more and more drawn to meatless fare. Your vegan dishes are really good. I am so impressed. Thank you for sharing them with us.

    Susan Glidden

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