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Thinking of something as an unforeseen event typically evokes negative connotations for me, as the past couple years have been full of some pretty painful surprises. Usually when this phrase comes up, it is accompanied by some terrible news, more horrendous than even the previous hardship. Well, time continues on and now change is in the air, pushed gently ahead by the cool breeze of a new season, straight into what could very well be the next chapter in my life. Suddenly I find myself face to face with another unforeseen event, but this time, it’s so fantastical I can hardly believe it’s true. The surprise is similar, but the accompanying joy is completely unfamiliar. Good luck is not something I tend to have in abundance, if at all, but now it seems as though I’ve won the lottery. However, my prize is far greater than any sum of money.

You may have already noticed some changes taking place here, namely in the frequency of my posting. Priding myself on taking no breaks, posting almost everyday, it would appear as though I’ve started slacking. Truly, it’s quite the contrary; I’ve been working around the clock, with scarcely a moment to complete my homework! Countless hours have been spent slaving away in the kitchen, even more so than usual, because… Well… I can’t believe it myself, but I’ve been working on recipes for my own cookbook of vegan desserts!

When I was first approached by Alisa of Go Dairy Free about this possibility, I was incredulous, to say the least. I still am. Honestly, the timing has been so perfect, it’s an absolute dream come true – Just days before receiving her first email, I had been musing aloud to my mom about how much fun it would be to actually compile my recipes for a book. A real book, a published book… It doesn’t even sound like a reality yet!

So please bear with me if I don’t have as many new posts available for your reading pleasure, but rest assured, I’m still crafting like mad despite my baking frenzy. For now, I’ll leave you with just a few teasers of what you can expect to find in my book…

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  1. Yeah!!! I will be keeping an eye out for it!! Looks like some scrumsous treats that I can make and not worry about how the soy products will effect the end result. My white cake turned into a pound cake somehow!

  2. please tell me that last one is tofu cheese cake. yummy yummy yum yum!

    you may also like to see what others are doing on a similar but not the same vein….
    This is done by some Hare Krishnas, they are vegetarian but not vegan. They don’t eat eggs and they will have some recipes which are vegan too. It may be wise to take a quick look to make sure you’re not treading on another already published item.

    good luck! I bet the book will be frabluous.

  3. oh and I have a copy of the book at home, if you would like bits from it email me. Looks like that last link is broken, sorry!

  4. Congratulations! I’m so excited for you. I’m an omnivore myself, but have been meaning to try some of your gorgeous recipes. Look forward to hearing more about the project as you progress. I’m sure it will be a wonderful contribution to vegan cooking.

  5. I hope you dont slack off too too soon ’cause I check every day to see what you have crocheted. All your designs are amazing and fun! I would have guessed a book on crocheted “creatures”!! Good Luck!

  6. That’s fantastic news!

    Congratulations and good luck with such an exciting new project.

    I keep meaning to try giving up meat/animal products as I really feel that veganism is a better way for society to live… maybe your book will be what inspires me to try? If not then I know a few vegan and vegetarian friends who would really appreciate it.

  7. Congratulations! That is such wonderful news. I am not a vegan, but the desserts look amazing! I will bake almost anything and always into trying new things. I can’t wait for your book to come out.

  8. Congratulations! I am so excited and happy for you!! I cannot wait until it comes out! Your recipes are all amazing…and perhaps a craft book should be next!! =]

  9. This is awesome! Make sure to keep me informed so I know when I can get my hands on it!

  10. I believe I predicted this, no? Well, something like predicted/suggested. ;) I’m SO happy for you!!!!

    My offer to test-bake/cook/make still stands. My co-workers will love you. *big hugs* SO FREAKING COOL!

  11. aaargh! The teasers are tormenting me! I can’t wait to see your book. It will be amazing. Congratulations on the exciting news, and the advent of some good fortune.

    Do you need any recipe testers? I’d love to help out if you do!

  12. Congratulations, that’s wonderful!! The food you make is always so amazing and looks delicious, it only makes sense for you to do something like this. I’m so happy for you too and I know that anything you write would be awesome!

    I hope it all goes really well for you, by the look of your teasers it doesn’t look like you’ll have any trouble at all :)

  13. ok, I just licked my monitor :). Those goodies look so delectiable.

    YAY for you with the upcoming book! I am so happy for you. and don’t worry about not posting as frequently as you have. Each post you write is a gem and worth waiting for.

  14. ohh yeahhhhh!

    i will buy like twenty.
    uhhh or two, one for school and one for home,
    but i still love you anyway.
    congrats if you didnt get enough!

  15. Yeah for you!! I can’t wait to get a copy!! I saw the pictures of your goodies and my mouth started to water!! LOL! This couldn’t happen to a better person!!

  16. Congrats Hannah! I do a posts at Wine Sediments and I saw this notice today on Well Fed and just had to say Hi and, how fun is this! Good for you!
    Deb Crowley

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