Too Little, Too Late

As the days continue to become longer and the pages of the calendar seem to peel away like dry, sun-burnt skin, I’m slowly coming to the sad conclusion that my latest finished project came just a little bit too late. Despite the lack of snow days, I’m perfectly happy with a slight chill in the air, preferring the climate to err on the colder side in general. Bitter winds and freezing temperatures can sometimes be comforting and familiar, since I had to grow up with torrential snows every winter. They would be so bad sometimes that as a tiny toddler of no more than two feet, I could stand on a pile of snow and easily reach the basketball net in the turnaround! Nothing of that sort has ever been dumped on us since moving slightly coastal about a decade ago, but thinking optimistically, I hoped that perhaps a little more encouragement would remind March of its duty to be a month where winter makes its come back; A gentle nudge in the right direction, and who knows what could happen? It’s still not too late to see snow in the forecast. Despite temperatures soaring to a jaw-dropping 70 degrees late afternoon yesterday, submitting and bringing out the t-shirts and light fabrics would be suicide to my hopes, so I suppose the end result of my crafting was a compromise – Meant to keep one warm, but still a nod to the approaching warmer weather.

Having found this combination knit and crochet pattern some time ago, I rediscovered it in my file of potential projects and realized that if I didn’t get moving soon, it would have to wait another year before I would even think about making it. Hating to miss any opportunity when it comes to making new things, I gathered a few skeins of yarn and set to work in short order. Very simple and very quick, all the pieces came together in no time at all, encouraging a little extra work to further embellish with additional leaves. I just couldn’t leave well enough alone, continuing until I had knit up no less than six more leaves. Hey, if you really want to appease the threatening force of a premature spring, why not go all out and make it a flattering representation of lush foliage?

Wearing the finished neck piece is out of the question at the moment, lest I want I to sweat like a pig in a sauna. Although the actual atmosphere has done little to take notice of my desire for just one last snow, I suppose there are worse things than an early spring. Too bad my procrastination will force me to wait a year before I can wear it now. While I would have been satisfied with colorful acrylic flowers while white, powdery snow covered the ground outside, I’m sure that any day now, real ones will present themselves. I’m okay with this change, really! …I just wish I could have worn the neck warmer at least once.

5 thoughts on “Too Little, Too Late

  1. Well, then, you will be very happy to hear that it is supposed to snow tomorrow! The March lion is letting out one last roar before giving way to the calm of spring!

    This is a beautiful piece by the way. I LOVE the leaves.

  2. I love the way yours looks! Great job on the color combinations! I particularily like the yarn you used for the leaves.

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