Sugar Rush

Seeing as one of my favorite pastimes is doting upon and spoiling the ones I love, extra time at home for me almost always means special treats for anyone who I happen to seeing that day. With my final days of February vacation coming to a close just last week, my dad quickly became an easy target these tendencies. With cupcakes still on the mind, I was knew I would need to baked such a dessert in such a way as to cater better to his tastes, as I distinctly remembered him complaining that they “weren’t sweet enough” last time. Watching in vague horror and amusement as he piled on another dollop of leftover frosting, followed by multicolored sprinkles, I wondered if maybe simply molding pure sugar into the cupcake paper instead would have better appeased his peculiar tastes. Such an extreme sweet tooth called for extreme measures, so I armed myself with four types of sweeteners and layered it on.

For those brave souls who wish to destroy any semblance of healthy glucose levels, I have assembled this tutorial to create a decadent sweet treat. The following images are not for the weak of stomach, and may be considered “not safe for work” in some circles. Proceed with caution, and please do not attempt to lick your monitor.

Step one: Pick out a cupcake recipe that includes some sort of sweetener in the title. The Maple Syrup Cupcakes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World seemed like a safe bet, so that one was an easy starting point.

Step two: Combine maple syrup and confectioner’s sugar to create a glaze. Maybe, but only maybe, add in some extra liquid to thin it out a bit, but if possible I suggest using something extra-sweet, like Silk’s Very Vanilla Soymilk. Pour this glaze over the tops of your fresh cupcakes.

Step three: After letting the glaze to harden a bit, mix up a standard vanilla frosting, with the addition of more syrup, and pile it on high. This aspect is crucial, so be sure to achieve at least 1-2 inches of solid vegan buttercream to crown your cupcakes.

Step four: Making a caramel coating in a heavy sauce pan, coat toasted almonds and let dry. Sprinkle sugared nuts over the tops of each cupcake. Be generous in distribution!

Step five: Prepare to bounce around the room immediately following consumption, but have a good place to lay down ready for the onset of a sugar coma.

[No humans were harmed in the making of these cupcakes, only somewhat sedated due to crashing after the sugar-high.]

11 thoughts on “Sugar Rush

  1. Wow!! I think I went into a diabetic coma reading the steps!! I so have to try them. Do you use a special icing or just a standard one that substitutes soy for animal products?

  2. Those things are weapons of mass deliciousness. I’ll have to remember this recipe. I’ve never met a dessert that was too sweet for me. Your dad is one lucky guy!

  3. Hannah!!!!! i miss you! let me know how you are and what your up to. i hope your well. all my love!!!

  4. i am fortunate that we are not friends in real life, because i would probably become obese from tasting all your delicious creations! THIS LOOKS SO GOOD! you are so talented in the kitchen, and every time you post a new dessert you inspire me to do my best in the kitchen!

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