Bad Hair Day

Rolling out of bed in the morning and stumbling into the bathroom, few sights can be more horrifying than the image that meets me in the mirror. Eyes full of sleep sand and hair sticking out in ways that actually defy gravity, it’s a miracle that I manage to look halfway put together before leaving the house. Luckily, my grooming routine only involves basic hygiene, nothing time consuming like applying makeup or styling my hair beyond a basic brushing. With such a busy modern world we live in, how do some people find the time and patience to do themselves up every day? I guess some people are just perfectionists, not accepting anything but a spot-on appearance no matter what they’re doing that day. Looking at such meticulously styled people, it always shocks me to hear that almost every single one thinks that they could have done better some how.

One such perfectionist is this prissy little poodle here, with her carefully combed fur and delicately tied ribbons. While she looks perfectly presentable for any social situation to me, she insists that her fur is all wrong; So fuzzy and unmanageable! So tangled! So unruly! If it were up to her, she would rather trade looks with a hairless chihuahua, for all the grooming she would be able to forgo! Strong words coming from a dog whose identity is based on the tell-tale puffs and pom poms of curly fur painstakingly carved out of their coat. I guess it just goes to show that perfection is in the eye of the beholder, even if that eye happens to be painfully self-critical.