Bake My Day

Ah, lazy Sundays. In spite of a steadily growing to-do list, little ever gets accomplished for some reason on the last day of the weekend. Waking up bleary eyed, hours later than usual, the last thing I wanted to do was tackle the sprawling mess of fabric that was left unfinished on the sewing room floor. No, although I had promised myself I would diversify my crafting posts, looking back into old categories that have begun to accumulate dust from inactivity, the most I could do was drag myself down to the kitchen and start heating up the oven once again.

Still in a sloth-like daze, I hadn’t even prepared myself to write a new post, but I got such lovely pictures of my baked goods, I can’t not show them off. In addition, I feel so bad about not having any new recipes to share ever since purchasing Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, so I finally have something of my own creation included. Obviously inspired by Isa’s Coconut Heaven frosting, I toyed with it to create a more sturdy “butter cream” and incorporate a contrasting flavor to add interest over all.

But before I got around to that, the best part of waking up is always chocolate, especially in cupcake form.

After the oven was already warm, I figured I might as well try out one of the few cupcake recipes from Vegan with a Vengeance, and Coconut Heaven cupcakes resulted.

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