Hello Angel

Sleep can be an elusive creature indeed. Sometimes the hours of one night feel as though they could encompass the span of 50 waking hours, but they still don’t take enough time to bring the sun back out of its hiding place. Lying in bed awake, it’s hard not to wonder what else is going on at that moment, when all seems still and dead. Somewhere things are still happening, but you’re not; You’re just existing in the dark, waiting for more light in the sky because that’s what we’re programmed to do. Only so many restless nights can pass on my watch before I start to feel sick. Exhaustion, yes, but excessive and hopelessly pointless thinking always gets me stuck in a rut, feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders, feeling the world passing me by…

Until one night, as I began my reverie, I saw a strange glow descending upon me. Had my mind finally gotten the best of me? Through the darkness I squinted, attempting to focus my maladjusted eyes, and I could have sworn I saw an angel…

Of course! It was Hello Kitty here to show me the way, using her magical powers of yarn! How could I have been so blind – I couldn’t sleep or think straight because my crafting had been slowly fading down until I would fail to reach for my crochet hook for a full 24 hours. That has got to be a sin if there ever was one. Feeling so unfulfilled and unproductive, it only made sense that I felt as though I were missing out on something.

So I leaped out of bed, not wanting to waste another precious moment. Barreling towards my yarn bins, all my hands were intent on accomplishing was finding raw materials to work with, reaching indiscriminately into the clutter. Blindly groping the shelves, I somehow found what I needed all along: A new project. The next few hours sped by, like disgruntled house guests that had overstayed their welcomes, finally leaving. Working into the daylight that seemed as though it would never break over the horizon, I fell into a deep slumber, craft at hand.

Upon waking, I was slightly disturbed at all of the chaos reeked throughout the room in my mad dash to cure the relentless insomnia, but all of a sudden I remembered my vision, of my Hello Kitty, and knew that she had always been real, no matter what anyone else said.

Crafting heals all hurts, whether they be physical or emotional. I’ve learned my lesson, never again to forsake its calming powers. Maybe from now on, I’ll treat this important activity with more reverence, knowing its potential for both good and evil..

Or maybe… I’ll just learn to stop having caffeine before trying to sleep. Either way.

6 thoughts on “Hello Angel

  1. Adorable Hello Kitty and a lovely story. I enjoy reading your stuff so much. I’m going to try making the crocheted Totoro some day, but first I have to learn to crochet “in English” :D

  2. Do you have a pattern for this? I will be glad to buy it from you. My friend is hello kitty crazy and I would love to make her one.

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